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ETL Lab: Equipment Reservations

Room Reservations

The following instructions should be used to reserve rooms 3008, 3312, 3427, or 3233 (Commons).

  1. Once you have selected the link at the end of these instructions, you will be at the College of Education Room Reservations page.  You will see a calender near the bottom of the screen on the right (you may need to scroll down).  Directly above this calendar, all the way to the right of the screen, you will see a white "plus" sign on a green background.  Click this white "plus" sign on the green background to begin making your reservation.
  2. Select the link for the room you want to reserve.
  3. Enter the Event Title (if any text is already in the field, delete it first).
  4. Choose a date for your reservation from the small calendar (click it) next to the Date field.
  5. Select a Start and End time from the respective drop down lists.
  6. The next field is "End Time Label".  Leave this field blank.
  7. In the Description box/field, please enter your name, phone number, and email address.
  8. Please enter the room number of the room you are reserving in the Location field.  This is necessary for the correct room number to show up in the calendar.
  9. Press submit and you are finished.

If you did not receive any error messages after you hit submit, your time and room have been reserved.  The reservation manager will review your request and mark it approved as long as none of the information required in the above steps is missing.

If you do get a note from the reservation manager for additional information, do not worry, you still have your room and time reserved.  No one else can reserve that room or time while you are waiting for the final approval.

The only reason your request can be denied or cancelled is if you reserved a room (3008, 3312, 3427) for 5:00 p.m. or later (meetings must end by 5:00 p.m. for scheduled classes) or you are not a College of Education faculty or staff member.

If you are having any problems with the reservation system, need to delete or modify a reservation, have questions, or need a room immediately please contact Jim Rowan at or 312-355-0721.

If you have been denied access to the reservation system and think you should have access, please email Mike Herkes,  If you are a student, then you may ask a faculty or staff member to make a reservation for you.

Room Reservation System



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