April 13, 2016

The College is a co-sponsor of the first Chicago Teen Lit Festival, bringing teen writers, poets, zinesters, gamers, memoirists, bloggers, performers and more together.Read more

April 12, 2016

After a slur directed at the Chicago police was uttered at the April 1 teachers' strike, alumnus Dave Stieber says educators need to re-examine their relationships with police.Read more

April 5, 2016

Smart technology is everywhere...but are these devices smart to use in the classroom? Bad puns aside, tech blogger Jeremy Riel shares teacher strategies for using smart tech in the classroom.Read more

April 1, 2016

The College's Math at Home project launched a series of modules providing professional development and state certification in math skill for early childhood home care providers.Read more

March 29, 2016

Minecraft is the go-to app for kids, yet the game is mystifying to adults. The COE FACT Lab shares teacher strategies for incorporating Minecraft into curriculum.Read more

March 24, 2016

In this week's TechBytes column, Jeremy Riel discusses what “free” means with digital resources and what educators should consider when working with free resources and software.Read more

March 22, 2016

The College's Catherine Main is leading an Illinois task force working with the National Academy of Sciences to examine the qualities of successful early childhood education workforces in Illinois and beyond.Read more

March 17, 2016

PhD Special Education student Michael Scaletta's research focuses on exploring how school-wide positive behavior supports can reduce student referrals to special education services.Read more

March 15, 2016

Our Tech Bytes column imagines how a dramatic increase in access to technology can be imagined if educators shift from "computer on a desk" ideas to "computers in the pocket."Read more

March 10, 2016

PhD Special Education student Giselle Nunez is investigating the importance of language and vocabulary in the home as she begins her doctoral research at the College.Read more