June 12, 2017

A new National Science Foundation grant will prepare Chicago high school chemistry students and teachers to study and address urban heavy metal contamination in their communities.Read more

June 6, 2017

A new report from the Center for Urban Education Leadership found CPS posting academic gains amidst high poverty, while Illinois districts elsewhere saw achievement drop as poverty rose.Read more

May 25, 2017

The College's Aria Razfar, PhD, professor of curriculum and instruction, analyzes the linguistics of President Trump's populist appeal in an article in Anthropology News.Read more

May 15, 2017

Doctoral student Heather A. Hathaway Miranda is the newest board member of Families Working Together, a non-profit working with the Oglala Lakota in South Dakota.Read more

May 10, 2017

On Friday, May 5, the College honored alumni Ernesto Matias, Ken Fujimoto and Cheryl Watkins for their dynamic contributions to public education in Chicago and beyond.Read more

May 3, 2017

Alumna Gina Caneva responded to Mayor Rahm Emanuel's new CPS post-graduation requirements with an op-ed in the Chicago Sun-Times, calling for needed support services.Read more

April 26, 2017

Research from the College's Danny Martin on racial heirarchies in mathematics abilities was cited in an Atlantic article about the impact of race on math teaching and learning.Read more

April 19, 2017

The College of Education is co-sponsoring the second annual ChiTeen Lit Fest, bringing together teen writers, poets, artists, lyricists and media creators from around the city.Read more

April 10, 2017

The Center for Urban Education Leadership's analysis of test score data for Illinois' 55 largest districts was featured in the Quincy Herald-Whig, highlighting gains versus socioeconomics.Read more

April 3, 2017

There is perhaps no greater sign of the choices our society makes than this: by 2027, smartphone literacy levels will surpass those of some 24 million adult Americans.Read more