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Nicole Nguyen

Assistant Professor

Nicole Nguyen is Assistant Professor of Social Foundations of Education. Immersed in political geography, critical education studies, and critical sociology, Nicole's research ethnographically investigates the intersections of national security, war, and US public schooling. Nicole teaches classes on the criminalization of youth in urban schools, school militarization, and the sociology of education. 


PhD, Syracuse University, Cultural Foundations of Education

MA, New York University, International Education

Selected Publications


Nguyen, N. (2016). A curriculum of fear: Homeland security in US public schoolsMinneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.

   2017 Globe Book Award, American Association of Geographers

   Reviewed in: American Journal of Sociology, Contemporary SociologyEducational Review, Security Journal, Teachers College Record, Anthropology & Education, H-Netand Race & Class

Nguyen, N. (forthcoming). The enemy within. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.

Refereed Articles 

Nguyen, N. (in press). Educating force multiplers: Constructing terrorism in a US public high schoolDiscourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education. 

Nguyen, N. (2018). "That's just my own homeland security instinct": Teaching terror in times of warCritical Military Studies, 4(1), 17-33. 

Nguyen, N., Cohen, D.* & Huff, A.* (2017). Catching the bus: A call for critical geographies of education. Geography Compass, 11(8).

Nguyen, N. (2017). From school militarization to school securitization: National security finds its place in schoolsCritical Studies in Education, 58(1), 52-68.

Nguyen, N. (2015). Chokepoint: Regulating student mobility through biometricsPolitical Geography, 46, 1-10.

Nguyen, N. (2014). Education as warfare?: Mapping securitized education interventions as war on terror strategyGeopolitics, 19(1), 109-139.

Nguyen, N. (2013). Scripting ‘safe’ schools: Mapping urban education and zero tolerance during the long warReview of Education, Pedagogy, and Cultural Studies, 35(4), 277-297.

Refereed Book Chapters

Nguyen, N., Nastasi, A.W., Mejia, A., Stanger, A., & Madden, M. (2016). Epistemic friendships: Collective knowledges and feminist praxis (postscript by Chandra T. Mohanty). In E.H. Chowdhury & L. Philipose (Eds.), Dissident friendships: Imperialism, feminism, and the possibility of transnational solidaritiesChampaign, IL: University of Illinois Press.

Invited Book Reviews

(2018). Contemporary Sociology: Sabina Vaught (2017), Compulsory: Education and the dispossession of youth in a prison school, University of Minnesota Press.


(2017). In These Times, We can't fight Trump-style hate with the surveillance state (news interview)

(2017). Chicago Tonight, Chicago group opposing neo-Nazis planned to target jihadists, too (news interview)

(2017). Wallet Hub, 2017’s states with the most at-risk youth (news interview) 

(2017). Chicago Tonight, Recruiting America’s future hackers – On Chicago’s west side (news interview) 

(2017). Voice of America, US groups focused on ‘countering violent extremism’ still waiting for funds (news interview) 

(2017). Chicago TonightIllinois agency awarded controversial counter-extremism grant (news interview)

(2017). Againist the Grain, KPFA radio, book interview

(2016). The Majority Reportbook interview (interview begins at 13:25)

(2016). Rising Up with Sonali, KPFA radio, book interview

(2016). Pacific Standardbook feature with an interview

(2016). Alternetbook feature

(2016). New Books in Educationbook interview


Nguyen, N. & Krueger, S.* (2016). Letter to Congress. (cited by the Brennan Center for Justice and the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine).

Nguyen, N. (2016). When Homeland Security goes to school: A close encounter with the new normal imposed by the global war on terrorUniversity of Minnesota Press Blog. 

Nguyen, N. (2015). Education scholars: Challenging racial injustice begins with us [commentary], Education Week, 34(36).

Nguyen, N. (2014). Homeland security goes to schoolThe Feminist Wire. (reprinted in Truth-Out)

Nguyen, N. & Catania, R.T. (2014). On feeling depleted: Naming, confronting, and surviving oppression in the academy, The Feminist Wire

(* indicates graduate students)

Honors & Awards


Globe Book Award, American Association of Geographers

Professional Affiliations & Activities

Courses Taught

ED 200: Educational Policy Foundations

EDPS 543: The Criminalization of Youth in Urban Schools

EDPS 572: Sociology of Education

EDPS 596: School Militarization


Program Co-Coordinator, Social Foundations of Education, College of Education (with David Stovall)

Doctoral Program Steering Committee, College of Education

Policy Studies Doctoral Student Writing Group, Educational Policy Studies, College of Education

Undergraduate Course Committee, Educational Policy Studies, College of Education

Doctoral Student Writing Retreat, College of Education

Arab American Cultural Center Advisory Board

Asian American Resource and Cultural Center Ambassadors

Race & US Empire Working Group, Institute for the Humanities

Sawyer Seminar Working Group, Social Justice Initiative

Board of Visitors, School of Education, Syracuse University


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