Faculty & Staff

Rebecca Woodard, PhD

Assistant Professor

Rebecca Woodard's research agenda focuses on multiple, related strands of research related to teaching writing, particularly in urban schools.

She explores: (a) meaningful, equitable, and humane instructional practices related to students’ written and spoken language use in schools, (b) what “counts” in schools, both for teachers and for students, and (c) teachers’ participation across diverse social and literacy/writing practices over time. She approaches these interests from sociohistoric and dialogic perspectives. Dr. Woodard has engaged in research exploring writing teachers' professional development and instructional practices; students’ online feedback and revision practices related to teachers’ initiating texts, such as writing prompts and rubrics; and teacher writing outside of school and instruction in school. Her current projects focus on writing teachers' participation in diverse pathways to knowledge at a connected learning school and urban teacher education.


2013 - PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Curriculum & Instruction

2006 - MAT, Pace University, Elementary Education

2004 - BS, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Psychology

Selected Publications

Roozen, K., Prior, P, Woodard, R., & Kline, S. (in press). The transformative potential of laminating trajectories of pedagogical practice:  Three teachers’ developing practices and identities.  In T. Lillis, K. Harrington, M. Lea, and S. Mitchell (Eds.), Working with Academic Literacies:  Research, theory, and design.  WAC Clearinghouse/Parlor Press.

Woodard, R., & Babcock, A. (2014).  Designing writing tasks in Google Docs that encourage conversation: An inquiry into feedback and revision. In B. Anderson and C. Mims (Eds.), Digital tools for writing instruction in k-12 settings: Student perception and experience. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

McCarthey, S. J., Woodard, R., & Kang, G. (2014).  Elementary teachers negotiating discourses in writing instruction. Written Communication, 31(1), 58-90.


Woodard, R. L. (2013).  Complicating “writing teachers must write”: Tensions between teachers’ literate and instructional practices. In P. J. Dunston, & S.K. Fullerton (Eds.), 62nd Literacy Research Association Yearbook. Clemson University.


Woodard, R., Magnifico, A. M., McCarthey S. J. (2013).  Supporting teacher metacognition about formative assessment in online writing environments. E-Learning and Digital Media, 10(4), 442-469.


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McCarthey, S. J., Magnifico, A. M., Woodard, R., & Kline, S. (2013).  Situating technology-facilitated feedback and revision: The case of Tom. In K. E. Pytash & R. E. Ferdig (Eds.), Exploring Technology for Writing and Writing Instruction. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.


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