Reading Specialist Endorsement

The Illinois Reading Specialist endorsement prepares currently licensed teachers with deep knowledge of reading and reading instruction, including for students with disabilities.  The endorsement is only open to students in the MEd Language, Literacies and Learning program who have an Illinois Professional Educator License and at least two years' teaching experience.

The Illinois Reading Teacher endorsement is a separate endorsement, available to students pursuing licensure.

Endorsement Contact

Endorsement Requirements

  • Must hold a professional educator license (PEL)
  • Two years of full-time teaching experience
  • Have a master’s degree or higher
  • Complete an approved K-12 reading specialist preparation program
  • Successfully pass the reading specialist content test (176)
  • Successfully pass a test of basic skills

Endorsement Coursework

  • CI 450: Societal Bases of Languages, Literacies and Learning (4 hours)
  • CI 503. English Language Arts and Instruction in the Elementary School (4 hours)
  • (4 hours) RT, RS
    CI 504. Disciplinary Literacies in Middle and High Schools (4 hours)
  • CI 528: Assessing Language and Literacy for Instruction (4 hours)
  • CI 527: Literacy Leadership (4 hours)
  • CI 535: Studies in Literacy Research and Teacher Inquiry (4 hours)