New for Fall 2022

After years of research, local and national discussions, and external reviews by leading faculty in the field, the program faculty have reorganized the PhD Curriculum Studies program around two key tenets true to the history of Curriculum Studies: Critical Pedagogy, and Urban Teacher Education.

This new name reflects the importance of critical pedagogies as a core principle driving research and highlights the integral role urban teacher education has in developing curricula, practices, and policies that challenge barriers to equal educational opportunities.

Over the next few weeks this page will be updated to include more specific information and details about PhD Critical Pedagogies and Urban Teacher Education. In the meantime, if you have questions please feel free to reach out to Program Coordinator Edward Podsiadlik (

This new program will begin accepting applications for Fall 2022 starting August 1, 2021. Students already admitted to the PhD Curriculum Studies concentration for Fall 2021 and earlier still have the right to graduate with the old program requirements and name.

Health Professions Education/Medical Education Strand

Our partnership with Health Professions Education remains a major component of our program. Elements of critical pedagogies and teacher education are central to the work of medical professionals in developing instructional practices and ideologies that best meet the needs of a variety of health fields.

If you are interested in applying to the Health Professions Education/Medical Education strand of this program, please contact Laura Schaaf ( in the Department of Medical Education.

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