Degree Requirements

Students must complete a minimum of 96 semester hours of graduate work beyond the baccalaureate or 64 semester hours beyond the master’s degree. The plan of study for each student is prepared in consultation with, and must be approved by, the faculty adviser assigned in the student's area of specialization. All students are required to complete the core curriculum, appropriate work in the areas of specialization, a research project, and a doctoral dissertation.

Program Coordinators

College of Education Doctoral Studies Core (12 credit hours)

  • ED 504 – Urban Contexts and Educational Research (4 hrs)
  • ED 505 – Introduction to Educational Research: Paradigms and Processes (4 hrs)
  • ED 506 – Introduction to Educational Research: Designs and Analyses (4 hrs)

Methodology Requirement (12 hours)

  • ED 502 – Essentials of Qualitative Inquiry in Education (4 hrs)
  • ED 503/EPSY 503 – Essentials of Quantitative Inquiry in Education (4 hrs)
  • A third methodology course selected in consultation with advisor (4 hrs)

Curriculum Studies Concentration (24 hours)

  • CI 500-Proseminar in Curriculum and Instruction (1 hour, graded S-U)
  • CI 574-Foundations of Curriculum Studies (4 hours)

Other Requirements (4 hours)

  • Students must complete one course from CI 592, 593 or 596.

Preliminary Examination

Required; written and oral. The written examination is based on the student’s program of study. The oral portion of the examination is based on both the written examination and the student’s dissertation proposal.

Dissertation (12 hours)

A dissertation based on original research is required and must be defended before a faculty committee. The research must employ a theoretical framework and make use of methods of inquiry appropriate to the problem being investigated.