The Educational Studies concentration within the MEd Instructional Leadership program enables students to design their own course of study with guidance from an adviser. This masters degree is designed to allow students the autonomy to pursue areas of study (and related coursework) that most align to their personal and professional aspirations. In this way, when an opportunity arises, a graduate will have credentials to pursue it. Of the 32 semester hours required for the degree, nine hours are required courses (these are ED 402, ED421, and ED430). Students can design their own courses of study for the other semester hours. 14 of the hours need to be offered within the College of Education (400 or 500 level) and the 9 elective hours can be courses offered in the College of Education or in another UIC college. 9 hours need to be at the 500 level (which helps lay a foundation for potential doctoral work in the future).

This offers a high degree of flexibility in creating a course of study that most aligns to an individual’s past experiences as well as to his or her future plans. Many of our Educational Studies masters graduates advance their careers in areas ranging from ESL/Bilingual work to curriculum writing/publishing; from museum education to community engagement; and from relevant curriculum theory to research opportunities.

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