Frequently Asked Questions

What programs and degrees do you offer?

UIC’s College of Education offers bachelor, master’s and doctorate-level degrees in a wide range of options from teaching to policy to leadership. We also offer licensure and endorsement options and a variety of online programs. Visit our programs page for information about all our programs.

How do I apply?

Most applicants, including graduate and undergraduate candidates, must complete a two-part application process to be admitted both to the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and the College of Education. Some programs may require only an application to the University or College.  Each program page lists specific application steps and deadlines.

How much does it cost to attend?

Because it is a public institution, UIC is able to offer prospective students a world-class education at an affordable price. Students should consider the tuition and fees, additional costs such as books and housing, and other opportunities for financing their education before they apply. Tuition at UIC varies by degree and program. Visit UIC’s Tuition and Fees page for more information about tuition at UIC.

How does the College help students finance their education?

Visit the College of Education’s Financial Aid page for a comprehensive list of scholarships, grants and other funding opportunities for students pursuing an Education degree.

Where is UIC? What is the neighborhood like?

UIC is in the middle of Chicago’s Little Italy and University Village neighborhoods, a 15-minute walk from downtown, and a short ride by train or bus to any of Chicago’s amazing neighborhoods. The city is our campus, and our students live, learn and play in one of the world's great cities. Check out why our students love attending College in Chicago at our Student Life blog.

Can I live on-campus?

UIC offers students a variety of on-campus living options and experiences including special interest communities and graduate student housing. Check out housing options on the College website to explore your options and apply to live on-campus.

I’m a commuter. Does UIC offer any services for me?

Our Commuter Student Resource Center helps with off-campus housing and transportation issues and more generally helps our off-campus students connect to each other and the city.

Can you tell me more about the college’s focus on urban education?

The College of Education is committed to preparing teachers, school leaders, researchers and policymakers who can transform public educationat multiple levels and in ways that benefit children for whom education can, and should make the most difference. Our mission is to prepare educators who can be critical thinkers and advocates, and who continue to develop the knowledge and skills that are necessary to prepare children to be productive citizens in the world. Read more about our education philosophy.

Where can I get more information about becoming a teacher?

The College offers undergraduate and graduate teaching degrees in elementary, secondary and special education and in a wide range of specialties as well. Each of these programs prepares students to teach and to pass required licensure exams required to teach in the State of Illinois. Visit our programs page for information about our teaching programs.

I’d like to get additional licenses and endorsements to advance my teaching career. Does the College offer programs designed for me?

The College offers a range of licenses and endorsements in a range of areas including special education, reading and ESL. Visit our continuing education page for more information.

I’m interested in working with youth. What program would best fit that goal?

The College offers a Master of Education in Youth Development to helps variety of youth-dedicated professionals to foster the knowledge, skills, and passion to enable them to work with youth in urban contexts.

How does your policy studies program work?

The College offers both a master’s and doctorate-level program in Policy Studies that offers students flexibility in developing an expertise in an area of their choosing. Find out more about your options.

Does the College of Education offer anything for school or district leaders?

Yes. The College offers an Educational Doctorate program with an Administrative Endorsement option for those interested in becoming principals or administrative leaders who want to turn around low-performing schools, systems and districts.

I’m interested in a diverse campus. Can you tell me more about the makeup of students and faculty?

The College of Education has 850 students, most of whom are graduate students. About 56% of its students are White. Latino and Asian students together represent about 26% of our community, and African-American students represent about 16% of our campus population.

Where can I find more information?

Please contact the Office of Student Services at 312-996-4532.