The BA Human Development and Learning (HDL) program provides students with a strong grounding in research and theory concerning learning and development throughout the lifespan. In addition, students learn how to apply this knowledge when working with individuals from diverse backgrounds and in a variety of formal and informal learning contexts and educational environments. Human development and human learning are complex and inter-related phenomena that are embedded within particular social, historical, and cultural contexts that not only shape and direct the course of learning and development, but are linked to an individuals’ overall success, achievement, productivity, and ability to thrive.

This undergraduate program equips graduates with the skills and knowledge necessary to work in and design effective and high quality informal learning environments and programs that take into account how diverse individuals learn and how that learning is impacted by developmental changes in key areas such as cognition, identity, and language. HDL graduates will have a deep understanding of how biological, contextual, institutional, structural and cultural factors affect individuals’ developmental trajectories and the implications of this for working with people in a variety of contexts. Whether you are interested in working with young children, adolescents, or adults, the BA degree in Human Development and Learning will prepare you for a career that involves working with people to ensure their optimal development and learning.

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Office of Student Services

1040 W. Harrison St., 3145 ETMSW, Chicago, Illinois 60607