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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Human Development and Learning?

Have you ever wondered how you could be so different from your brother or sister, even though you had the same upbringing?  Why you get along great with some teachers and poorly with others?  Why some kids are popular in school and others aren’t?  Or why some people seem to seek out and thrive on risky situations and others prefer the quiet of the library?  If these or other similar questions about people intrigue you, then Human Development and Learning may be the program for you.  The BA degree in Human Development and Learning, offered through the Department of Educational Psychology, provides students with strong grounding in research and theory concerning learning and development across the lifespan, and how to apply this knowledge to working with individuals from diverse backgrounds in a variety of formal and informal learning contexts and education environments.

How long does the program take?

The program is a four-year, full-time program.

What is the Core Curriculum?

Grounded in a liberal arts education, the BA degree in Human Development and Learning aims to provide students with strong grounding in research and theory concerning cognitive, social, emotional,  and language development across the lifespan, as well as how to apply this knowledge to working with diverse individuals in a variety of formal and informal learning contexts and educational environments.  The program will achieve these aims by providing students with coursework in five key areas:

  • Human Development and Learning
  • Research
  • Domains of Development and Learning Across the Lifespan
  • Diverse Populations and Learning Contexts
  • Electives

What can I do with a degree in Human Development and Learning

The Human Development and Learning degree prepares students for careers working with individuals in a variety of settings including but not limited to early childhood centers, elder care centers, out-of-school programs, not-for-profit and community based organizations, higher education, industry, or adult education. In addition, the degree also provides students with the foundation to pursue graduate coursework in a variety of fields such as education, human development and family studies, social work, sociology, psychology, or anthropology.

How do I apply?

First year applicants apply through the UIC Office of Admissions.

Can I afford it?

UIC makes every effort to help students pay for the cost of going to college. Our Financial Aid page can help answer your questions.

Review the UIC tuition and fee schedule and find out more about billing and payment options.

Can I get housing on campus?

Yes, and it is best to apply as soon as you know you want to live on campus, because applications are prioritized by date of application. Visit campus housing to find out more and submit your application.

What support does the College of Education provide?

The College of Education is a close knit community and committed to the success of its students. If you have concerns or questions you can stop by the Office of Student Services, or make an appointment to see an advisor. The College encourages a strong bond between students and their advisors. You can also find support from your professors and fellow students. UIC offers many support programs and opportunities that encourage academic success. Your advisor can help you connect to UIC resources.

What is Summer College?

Summer College at UIC is a free, five-week summer program for newly admitted first year students that provide you with many paths to jump-start your academic success at UIC. You can improve your skills in math, computers, writing, note-taking, and studying. It's a great opportunity to make friends with other new students, make connections with faculty and advisors, and get to know the campus. The College of Education encourages first year students to participate in Summer College. Programs begin in June shortly after the high school year ends.

Will my credits from another college or university transfer to the College of Education?

Yes, if the credits earned are from an accredited institution. UIC participates in the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI).  To find out which courses will transfer to UIC, visit the transferology site. Questions about course transfers can be directed to UIC's Transfer Assistance Center. Once you are admitted, you will meet with your College of Education advisor who can go over your academic records with you.