Fostering children’s and adolescents’ literacy development

The Language, Literacies and Learning program provides students with high-quality advanced education in literacy and language research and practice that enables them to better understand and foster children’s, adolescents’, and adults’ development.  The program tailors its curriculum to prepare educators to meet the unique challenges of language and literacy learning and teaching in multicultural, multilingual urban contexts and to address issues of language and literacy development among English learners.  Additionally, it emphasizes the complementary between in and out-of-school language and literacy learning and development and focuses on understanding the diverse processes of critical, semiotic meaning making (e.g., multimodal, digital, making) necessary for 21st century teaching and learning.

Program graduates are taking the lead in making good on the promise of public education for all by building crucial reading and writing skills from early childhood education through adult education, and by serving as educational leaders. The program is intended for students who wish to advance their knowledge of:

  • language and literacy instruction (including ESL, critical digital literacies) in elementary classrooms, secondary classrooms, and alternative settings (e.g., out-of-school contexts, adult education contexts)
  • language and literacy research and its impact on practice and policy
  • strategies for school, district, and curricular leaders to support language and literacy teaching and learning

While earning their MEd, students can also simultaneously work toward one or more of four possible endorsements:

  • State of Illinois Reading Teacher Endorsement
  • State of Illinois Reading Specialist, grades K to 12
  • State of Illinois Bilingual Education Endorsement
  • State of Illinois English as a Second Language Endorsement

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