The Science Education program offers graduate study for those interested in science education careers across a wide range of institutions in urban settings.

Strand A and Strand B in Science Education

The program is divided into two strands:

  • Strand A (licensure) is for students who want to earn a license (and endorsements) to teach high school science in an urban setting. With a focus on community relevance and social justice, it is unique among science teacher preparation programs nationally. Options include biology, chemistry, earth and space science, environmental science and physics. Strand A can be done as a one-year (full-time) or a two year or more (part-time) program.
  • Strand B (non-licensure) emphasizes science education in urban settings for those working at, or interested in, not-for-profit science-related museums and organizations; or those seeking advanced studies in science, including those interested in eventually pursuing a PhD.
  • Focus on learning to teach and teaching in urban neighborhood public schools.

  • Emphasis on designing a content-rich and social justice driven approach to science curriculum.

  • Learning from community partners to become responsive to Chicago communities.

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