Application Process

Application Deadlines

Fall Deadline: March 15
Spring Deadline: October 1
Summer Deadline: February 1
(Group 3 LBS2 applicants only - there is no LBS1 admission available for the summer term)

Program Options

  1. Group1: Students completely new to the career of teaching, pursuing the MEd degree, LBS 1 and professional educator license
  2. Group 2: Currently licensed teachers in the State of Illinois who are new to special education, pursuing the MEd degree and LBS 1
  3. Group 3: Current special education teachers with LBS1 seeking an advanced LBS 2 endorsement, pursuing the MEd degree and LBS 2.  Applicants will need to provide  proof of a minimum of one year of teaching in special education experience. A minimum of two years of experience will be required upon completion of the program.  Applicants will also need to submit proof of having taken a research methods course or the intention to take one.
  4. Group 4: Students not interested in licensure or endorsement, only pursuing the MEd degree and no license or endorsement

NOTE:  if you are applying for Project ATLiS, please follow the specific application instructions listed below.

Application Process