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Assistive Technology Leaders in Special Education (ATLiS) is a collaborative, interdisciplinary project designed to prepare school and district leaders with expertise in the development, implementation, and evaluation of assistive technology programs for students with multiple disabilities. ATLiS scholars will participate in an intensive series of courses and experiences that will prepare participants with deep knowledge of assistive technology practices and polices. Graduates will acquire the skills to become school and district leaders who are able to support the academic and behavioral needs of students with multiple disabilities through the use of effective, evidence-based assistive technology methods.

ATLiS scholarships include costs for tuition, an annual book stipend, and opportunities to attend and present at local conferences. The one-year program consists of three primary components:

  1. An intensive, interdisciplinary sequences of courses in special education and assistive technology to be completed across four semesters spanning approximately one calendar year. The coursework will provide scholars with the eligibility to earn Learning Behavior Specialist II (LBS2) endorsements in Assistive Technology and Multiple Disabilities and a develop scholar understanding of evidence-based assistive technology practices.
  2. Participation in three Assistive Technology Seminars designed to deepen scholar knowledge of effective, data-based assistive technology practices and policies and developing scholar capacity to lead school and district change in these areas. Seminars will draw on the expertise of core stakeholder groups and project collaborators.
  3. Participation in a post-graduation Community of Practice in which scholars will demonstrate school and district leadership skills by building off projects and knowledge acquired through the Assistive Technology Seminars and engaging in networking opportunities with other school leaders interested in the use of assistive technology.

Upon completion of the program, scholars will be prepared to develop, implement, and evaluate assistive technology programs for students with multiple disabilities. In addition, scholars will acquire the skills needed to become school and district leaders with the ability to support the use of assistive technology in urban, high-need schools and districts. ATLiS will begin in Spring of 2020 with completion of the program requiring one full year of study that will be completed after the following Spring term. Scholars will take courses across four total semesters with three courses per semester and the Assistive Technology Seminars taken during each of the academic year semesters. Cohorts will be recruited annually. Scholars are required to complete a service obligation in the field of special education (2 years for each year of support) within schools and districts within the United States.


  • Current and Full Grade Span LBS1 (i.e., eligible to teach K-12)
  • 2 years teaching experience
  • 1-year commitment
  • Service obligation in special education

The scholarship program is only open to individual who have taught for 2 years as of December 31, 2019 and who have a current full LBS1 teaching endorsement and therefore are able to teach students across all grade levels. Unfortunately, individuals with an LBS1 approval or limited LBS1 endorsement (e.g., only able to teach students with disabilities in certain grade spans) are not eligible for the scholarship.

Program Requirements

The program requires 36 credits and is completed in one full year starting in the summer semester.

  • Completion of required coursework.
  • Participation in Assistive Technology Seminars
  • Participation in Community of Practice (post-graduation)

Program Benefits

  • Fully paid tuition across all four semesters
  • Annual book stipend
  • Stipends for travel to state conferences
  • Post-graduation participation in community of practice

Application Process

Applications for the Spring 2020 cohort are due October 1, 2019. Applicants do not need to apply to the MEd Special Education program. The application includes a goal statement and resume.  Submit this second application to the project directors following the instructions in the application.

Apply to ATLiS: Begin your application here


Have further questions?  Submit a question to project coordinator Chris Emerling at

Project Directors

Daniel Maggin, PhD
Associate Professor
Special Education

Patricia Politano, PhD
Clinical Assistant Professor
Disability and Human Development