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Degree Requirements

The program requires a minimum of 98 semester hours beyond the baccalaureate degree and a minimum of 66 semester hours beyond the master’s degree. Students are also required to pass written and oral portions of a preliminary examination and successfully defend their dissertation research. Students who enter with a bachelor’s degree but not a master’s degree must take up to 32 hours of additional course work (the equivalent of a master’s degree) in an area of specialization. Requirements for students who enter with a master’s degree are as follows.

College of Education (COE) Doctoral Studies Core - 12 hours Heading link

ED 504 – Urban Contexts and Educational Research (4 hrs)

ED 505 – Introduction to Educational Research: Paradigms and Processes (4 hrs)

ED 506 – Introduction to Educational Research: Designs and Analyses (4 hrs)

Methodology Requirement - 12 hours Heading link

ED 502 – Essentials of Qualitative Inquiry in Education (4 hrs)

ED 503/EPSY 503 – Essentials of Quantitative Inquiry in Education (4 hrs)

A third methodology course selected in consultation with advisor (4 hrs)

Mathematics and Science Education Program Core - 12 hours Heading link

CI 517 – The Sociopolitical Context of Mathematics and Science Education (4 hrs)

CI 518 – Race, Identity, and Agency in Mathematics and Science Education (4 hrs)

CI 573 – Multimodality, Multiliteracies, & Science and Mathematics Education (4 hrs)

Proseminar in Curriculum and Instruction - 2 hours Heading link

CI 500 – Proseminar in Curriculum and Instruction

Mathematics or Science Education Specialization - 12 hours Heading link

Mathematics education students:

CI 516 – Research on Mathematics Teaching and Teachers (4 hrs)

CI 519 – Research on the Learning of Mathematics (4 hrs)

CI 520 – The K-12 Mathematics Curriculum: Theory, Politics, and Reform (4 hrs)

Science education students:

CI 566 – Research on Science Curriculum (4 hrs)

CI 567 – Research on Science Teaching and Teacher Education (4 hrs)

CI 570 – Research on Science Learning (4 hrs)

Additional Requirements Heading link

Research Project – 4 hours (minimum)

Preliminary Examination – Written Portion

Preparation of a Dissertation Research Proposal

Preliminary Examination – Oral Proposal Defense

Dissertation Research – 12 hours (minimum)

Dissertation Defense

Other Requirements Heading link

Students must complete a training course sponsored by the Office for the Vice Chancellor for Research on the ethics of conducting research with human subjects. Students are required to submit an annual report of their academic and professional progress to their department.

Handbook & Advising Guide Heading link

For more information on the program and degree requirements, please consult the doctoral student handbook and program advising guide.