Center for Urban Education Leadership

Principal Kevin Gallick poses for a photo in a hallway in George Washington High School, a CPS school on the far southeast side of the city.  Gallick is standing in front of a blue wall that has George Washington's red, white and gray logo painted on it.

The Center for Urban Education Leadership researches the best ways to prepare visionary leaders for high-need urban schools, advocates for these models of principal preparation at the local, state and national policy levels and serves as a hub for information dissemination to other researchers and to the public on the latest trends and advancements in school leader training.  The Center believes that great school leaders should be the rule, not the exception, and supports the College’s EdD Urban Education Leadership program, which is developing school leaders at scale.  The Center is unique in its goal of demonstrating how colleges and universities must change if they are to produce principals who can routinely improve student learning in schools. For over ten years, UIC has been showing that producing transformational leaders at scale requires a rigorous, practice-based approach.