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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the PhD in Urban Education and the EdD in Urban Education Leadership?

Typically the PhD in Urban Education leads to positions such as research faculty at a university, administration at the university level, or research in a local/state agency or other policy organization. The EdD in Urban Education Leadership leads to positions in school/district level leadership in K to 12 schools.

What are the minimum qualifications for admission into the EdD program in Urban Education Leadership?

The minimum qualifications include an earned master’s degree, substantial teaching experience, experience as a teacher-leader or school/district leader, and a demonstrated commitment to leading the improvement of high needs urban schools. The admissions process is highly selective.

How do I apply to the program and what sequence do I follow?

The application process for The UIC Urban Education Leadership program requires you to apply  to both The UIC Graduate College and The UIC College of Education.

How are students selected for the EdD program in Urban Education Leadership?

After you have submitted all required materials to both the Graduate College and the College of Education, you may qualify for an interview with the program faculty. Doctoral candidates must hold a master’s degree, have demonstrated exceptional classroom instruction as well as leadership as teachers or administrators, have evidence of parent and community involvement and demonstrate clear commitment to transforming schools where the leadership need is most evident. Decisions for admission are made by the program faculty and are ultimately based on the content of the submitted documents and a successful interview. The admissions process is highly selective.

How long does it take to complete the EdD program in Urban Education Leadership and is a dissertation required?

This program is designed to allow students to complete coursework in 3 ½ years with as much as one additional year to complete the doctoral research project, for a total of 4 ½ years.

Can I transfer in credit hours I have already earned elsewhere?

If the hours have not been applied toward another degree and the course content matches the curriculum in the EdD program then most likely you will be able to transfer in some course credit. There is no guarantee that hours will automatically transfer. The final decision is made by the program faculty once you have been admitted to the program

Do I have to leave my current position in order to be in the EdD program in Urban Education Leadership?

The EdD program requires that you have school-wide or system-level leadership experience and is designed to develop transformative leaders. After you are admitted to the program, if your current position is not in school-wide or system-level leadership, then the program faculty will place you in a leadership role in the Chicago Public Schools and will provide you with coaching and mentoring. Three years of site-based coaching and mentoring is provided, and is aimed at producing candidates who have proved their ability as change agents in schools. The coaching is provided by former high performing principals and experienced leadership trainers to supplement mentoring by outstanding principals who are successfully confronting the needs of urban schools.

What days and times are courses typically offered for the EdD program in Urban Education Leadership?

In the first year, courses are typically offered in the evenings and Saturdays to minimize conflicts between course work and practice. In the second and third year, other week nights are used for courses. Students are encouraged to enroll in summer course work to ensure progress toward the degree. The course work is co-designed and co-taught by UIC academic faculty together with transformative principals and system level instructional officers who have themselves transformed urban schools.

Can I get an Illinois P-12 Principal Endorsement through the EdD program in Urban Education Leadership?

The Illinois Type 75 Administrative Certificate will be discontinued by the state in 2014. The UIC EdD program has transitioned from the Type 75 certificate to the new Illinois P-12 School Principal Certificate.

Will the Ed.D. program in Urban Education Leadership directly assist in job placement when I am finished?

The EdD program provides an abundance of networking opportunities and job application support but does not guarantee job placement after completion of degree. We seek to prepare candidates to be successful in a highly competitive job market

Where are classes/courses held?

Most classes/courses in the EdD program are held on the east side of campus in ETMSW.

Is financial aid available for the EdD program?

In recent years, fellowships have been made available to a limited number of advanced students.