Master’s Programs

Our Master of Education (MEd) programs are for teachers, non-teachers, scholars and practitioners alike. Our master's students get field experience in Chicago's public schools as well as in community and nonprofit organizations, with many opportunities to work directly with our faculty. We offer a unique experience as a public institution deeply embedded in and committed to Chicago, its students, and their families to make real change and develop new knowledge around education.

Choosing an MEd program

Need help deciding which master's program is best? Check our guide to UIC's MEd programs or send an email to

Why choose UIC for your master's degree?

Faculty leadership and support

The strength of our graduate programs comes from our faculty’s talents and commitment to students. At least 70% of our master’s courses are taught by faculty each year. Our faculty and graduate student networks reach every neighborhood of Chicago, providing our students with expansive options for pursuing community-engaged work and scholarship.

Flexible course schedule for busy students

Our master’s programs are designed for working students. All the master’s degrees can be completed part-time, the only exception being the accelerated 12-month program for the Master’s in Science Education (Strand A). All master’s courses are held in the evenings, Monday through Thursday. For Fall 2020, all courses at the College of Education will be offered online.

GRE/testing requirements

We do not require the GRE, with the exception of the Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics & Assessment (MESA) program (requirement has been waived for 2020).

Funding and awards: fellowships, grants, waivers, and more

Once you are admitted, you can apply for scholarships, grants, and graduate assistantships to cover all or part of your tuition. Funding options will depend on which program you enroll in, as well as your academic and/or professional qualifications. The UIC Graduate College is a great source of information to start learning about the many funding and award opportunities for UIC graduate students. UIC graduate tuition is posted here.

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