Choosing a Master’s Program

This is a quick guide for which program might work best for you. It is only intended as a helpful first step in considering options. Prospective students should speak with one of our advisors or contact if they need help deciding which program is best suited to their career goals and interests.

MEd programs offering teaching licensure and endorsements

Licensure programs

Master’s students can earn an Illinois Professional Educator License (PEL) in addition to endorsements in these programs:

Programs for licensed teachers who want to specialize or advance in their teaching career

Master’s students who already have a PEL can specialize, add endorsements to their PEL, or advance their skills and knowledge in these programs:

MEd programs for careers in education outside of classroom teaching

These MEd programs do not primarily focus on classroom teaching, but allow students to expand their career options and/or pursue research in education:

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