The Chalkboard

A Weekly Email for Students at the College of Education

Please fill out this form if you’d like to submit an event, job posting, research opportunity, scholarship, or other opportunity specifically for students at the College of Education. Emails are sent weekly during the regular school year and monthly during the summer.

  • What type of opportunity are you submitting? * Required
    Please note that if your opportunity doesn't fall into one of the first five categories, it may not be included depending on space and relevance to student interests.
  • It is highly recommended to link to webpages instead of attaching flyers. Students will be much more likely to read and save the information if it is on a webpage instead of a .doc or .pdf.
  • I do not have a URL for this opportunity, but I would like the College of Ed to create one on
    For some UIC events, jobs, and other internal opportunities, we can create a webpage for you, depending on timing and the type of opportunity.
  • Because this is one opportunity of many, being presented in an email format to busy students, please limit your description to 1000 characters. Your linked webpage is where you should offer all the most detailed information.
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    Who should apply/attend? What is your target audience for this opportunity?
  • What is the email address students should contact if they'd like to learn more? Please include only one email address.
  • All opportunities will be taken down after three months. Please indicate the time frame you'd like your opportunity to remain posted. If you have an opportunity that is available year round, the Chalkboard email is not the right place for it. Contact with questions.
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