Sep 26 2020

UIC Days: Open House 2020

September 26, 2020




Chicago, IL 60612



We will be hosting online sessions (25 mins each) to learn more about many of the programs inside the College of Education. You must register at to receive the event links to attend these online sessions and to see the full schedule of sessions. A sneak peak of some of the College of Education sessions:

Bachelor's info sessions

BA Study in Education at UIC | 11 a.m.

Discover your path as an educator and/or expert in human well-being and development. Determine the nature of your calling in education and whether it is to become an elementary school teacher with optional additional endorsements in Bilingual, Early Childhood, Middle Grades, and SPED; or working with people across various environments from hospitals, child care centers, park district programs, and more.

Human Development and Learning (HDL) | 1 p.m.

Pursue the college's newest bachelor's degree program, HDL, and opportunities it provides to educate and care for people across the human lifespan, from infancy to older adult. Study the nature of humans in learning environments and development.

Teaching options in Urban Education | 1 p.m.

Learn about UIC's renowned urban education program that integrates its own urban-education framework across all courses and fieldwork learning. Discover opportunities for elementary teaching in high-need urban areas and the opportunities that exist for multiple additional endorsements.

Master's info sessions

Instructional Leadership - Educational Studies | 10 a.m.

Learn about the Educational Studies concentration within the Masters in Education Instructional Leadership program. This is a flexible program that is designed to align closely with individual student experiences, interests, and aspirations.

Advanced Degrees in Literacies and Language Studies | 12 p.m.
Master's of Education with IL reading specialist and/or ESL-Bilingual endorsement pathways

Are you interested in providing professional development in school districts, coaching teachers, enhancing literacies and language teaching and learning both in and out of schools, engaging in research, or working as a faculty member in higher education? Learn about the educational and career opportunities offered through advanced degree programs in literacy and language studies.

MEd Measurement Evaluation Statistics & Assessment (MESA) | 12 p.m.

This session will introduce the MESA MEd program. It covers MESA MEd students job placement, career path, course choices, online and on-campus formats, degree requirements, application procedure and Q & A.

MEd Science Education | 1 p.m.

Focusing on science education for justice and sustainability, this program offers opportunities to earn a high-school science teacher license (with a possibility for middle school endorsement) or pursue advanced studies in science education in schools and out-of-school science learning environments.

Doctoral info sessions

PhD Curriculum Studies | 10:30 a.m.

This program explores curriculum as the whole of lived experience. Its commitment to exploring the transformational nature of teaching and learning, and advocating for student and teacher agency remain priorities. The program aligns to the College's commitment to urban education and social justice. New directions pertinent to critical pedagogies, methodologies, cultural contexts, and urban teacher education are embedded in the forward-looking trajectory of this program.

PhD Mathematics and Science Education (MSE) | 11 a.m.

The MSE program spans P-20 mathematics and science education in urban settings in and out of schools. Focus is on developing knowledge that improves science and mathematics education and has an impact on the communities. Students engage in coursework and research that guide them to view issues of learning, teaching, curriculum, assessment, and policy through sociocultural and sociopolitical lenses where social justice, race, language, culture, and identity are considerations.


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