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A volunteer reads a book to a young girl at the Center for Literacy's MLK Service Day.

Literacy the Focus at MLK Service Day

The UIC Center for Literacy commemorated the MLK holiday by collecting toiletries and winter attire for Chicago families in need and engaging homeless families in literacy activities at city shelters.

Evan Taylor teaches a math class, pointing to numbers and figures written on a whiteboard.  Students in his classroom are sitting at desks and listening to the lesson.

Math and the Connection to Students' Backgrounds

Is stealing ever acceptable? To student-teacher Evan Taylor, this is not just a question of morality but a question of the intersection of math and students' lived experiences.

A teacher sits on the floor and talks with two Latino students who are working on an activity together, writing down responses on a clipboard.

Bilingual Education Needs Wider Acceptance

Professor Aria Razfar and doctoral student Joe Rumenapp's new book advocates teachers building bilingual education to honor students' native languages.

School Principal Evaluation by Student Growth

MESA student Jennifer Darling is researching how measures of student growth are influencing the school principal evaluation process at schools across the state of Illinois.

Samantha Richardson reads a book to a group of three children who are seated on the floor in a circle around her.

Literacy Development for At-Risk Students

Alumna Samantha Richardson coordinates early childhood literacy for a school district featuring 50 different languages and 40% of students at risk.

Three Latino students sit in a row at desks, each working on writing in workbooks.

Illiteracy is an Assault, Argues College Dean

In a recent speech at the COSEBOC conference hosted by UIC, Alfred Tatum, Dean of the College, argues anything less than full access to literacy skills for Black and Latino children is an assault on their lives.

Special Education Teacher Network Launches

The Speducators Network serves to bring together special education teacher candidates, exemplary teachers in the field and alumni to build career paths and address challenges in special education.

Jasmine Juarez stands over two girls who are sitting next to each other at desks, and Juarez offers input on the math assignment they are working on.

Math Made Meaningful to Urban Students

Alumna and doctoral student Jasmine Juarez is combating the myth that Latina/o students are not interested in STEM fields by demonstrating that passion for math and science can easily be activated by teachers.

Child Care Data Analysis Leads to Policy Changes

PhD Educational Psychology alumnus Ken Fujimoto's analysis of data helped the City of Chicago improve its quality rating system for child care providers.