Faculty, students and alumni making good on the promise of urban public education

Baltimore citizens march with hands raised as a protest to the police killing of Freddie Gray.

Baltimore Protests: Alumnus Responds

Benji Hart, BA Urban Education-Elementary Education '14, argues in a Salon article that calling for peace and order after the Baltimore protests is difficult when "the state breaks its own laws with regards to the oppressed."

Zayoni Torres stands outside the College of Education building, posing for a photo.

Dean's Merit Award Winner: Zayoni Torres

After years of building culturally relevant lessons for English language learners in CPS schools, 2015 Dean's Merit Award winner Zayoni Torres is heading to South Africa to train future teachers.

Principal Kevin Gallick stands next to the logo for George Washington High School, painted on a wall in his school, as he poses for a photo.

School Principal: Poverty and Career Options

School principal Kevin Gallick is building a high school devoted to exposing career options to students from predominantly low-income households in Chicago's post-industrial East Side neighborhood.

Yasmeen Elayyan is teaching a class, holding up a children's book as part of a read-aloud with her students.  One student is answering a question, and the rest of the students are looking at her.

School Segregation: When Students Self-Segregate

What happens when students form their own inclusive groups based on race or gender or learning ability? Alumna Yasmeen Elayyan shares her strategies to address student-caused school segregation.

Teacher Amani Ghusein stands behind a girl who is holding a cotton puff in her hand, ready to throw it at the face of a student a few feet away.  The other student is wearing safety goggles as part of an experiment on reflexes and blinking.

Latino Scientists at Work in Alumna's Classroom

When alumna Amani Ghusein asks her 4th graders to draw a picture of a scientist, she receives comic-like mad scientists. Her challenge: help her Latino students see themselves as Latino scientists.

Undocumented and unaccompanied children are at an immigration detention facility, standing in line and waiting for their information to be taken down.

Undocumented Children Detained & Literacy Needs

Alumna Alexis Cullerton researched literacy access and needs of undocumented unaccompanied children detained in the United States and found a judicial system failing children.

School Discipline and Juvenile Justice

The College's David Stovall says the school-to-prison pipeline is bolstered by school discipline policies that treat Black and Latino students as perpetrators incapable of solving problems.

The exterior of Von Steuben Metropolitan High School, seen from Kimball Avenue.

STEM Careers Pipeline Focus of New Partnership

Von Steuben principal Laura LeMone has launched a partnership with Exelon and Illinois Institute of Technology to build STEM careers pipelines.

Evelyn Gachuz poses for a photograph standing outside the College of Education building on UIC's campus.

Math Tutoring Leads to Student Service Award

Evelyn Gachuz thought math wasn't for her as a youngster. Her volunteer work with young Latinas encouraging their success in math earned her the UIC Chancellor's Student Service Award.

At a Chicago School Board meeting, board president David Vitale gestures to a speaker who is addressing the board, while two other board members are looking on at the interaction.

Elected School Boards Research Cited

Collaborative for Equity and Justice in Education research on the need for elected school boards in urban districts was cited by the Baltimore Sun.