Faculty & Staff

Eleni Katsarou, PhD

Clinical Full Professor Emerita

Eleni Katsarou is clinical professor of curriculum and instruction. She teaches teacher candidates in the Elementary Education concentration and works closely with senior candidates as they conduct their student teaching in urban public school sites. Katsarou's research interests include teacher education in urban contexts, critical perspectives in teacher education, and social justice enactments in schools and communities. Her work centers on collaborations with teachers and leaders of schools as they jointly attempt to understand what constitutes caring and ethical teaching. The partnerships she has formed for nearly 15 years have given rise to the ways in which professional communities among school, community and university people are developed in pursuing common understandings about urban teaching. 


PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago

Research & Teaching Interests

Katsarou's primary teaching responsibilities include university and field instruction and assignment of students in Chicago Public Schools sites/fieldwork placements, including courses in literacy and literacy instruction. Her primary research interest is (pre-service) teacher education and working with cooperating teachers in urban settings. 

Honors & Awards

2008 - At the 60th Annual Meeting of AACTE (American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education), in New Orleans, Feb 7, 2008, presented with the BEST PRACTICE AWARD FOR PROFESSIONAL ETHICS AND MORAL DISPOSITIONS IN TEACHER EDUCATION. 

1992,1993 - Outstanding Dissertation Award, 1993, National Association of Bilingula Education (NABE)