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George Karabatsos, PhD


George Karabatsos is a Professor of Educational Psychology whose research deals with the development and application of statistical models.  His inquiry seeks to improve data analysis for regression and prediction, for causal analysis of educational and other interventions; and for the measurement of examinee performance. His work has been published in a number of peer-reviewed journals, and he has been Principal Investigator for research  supported by grants from the National Science Foundation, The Spencer Foundation, and the National Institutes for Health. Karabatsos also serves as an associate editor for the journal Psychometrika.


1998 - PhD, University of Chicago, Department of Education,
Program in Measurement, Evaluation, and Statistical Analysis (MESA)

Research & Teaching Interests

My main research interests is to develop and apply contemporary statistical methods, for the purposes of improving the accuracy of conclusions in data analysis. My areas of interest include Bayesian nonparametric and parametric inference, hierarchical modeling, regression modeling, and psychometric modeling. I teach courses in Educational Measurement, Nonparametric Statistics, Hierarchical Linear Models, Item Response Theory, and Theory of Statistics. 
For more details see http://www.uic.edu/~georgek/HomePage/

Selected Publications

Karabatsos, G., and Walker, S.G. (2012). A Bayesian nonparametric causal model. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference142, 925-934.

Karabatsos, G., and Walker, S.G. (2012). Bayesian nonparametric mixed random utility models.Computational Statistics & Data Analysis56, 1714-1722.

Karabatsos, G., & Walker, S.G. (2010). A Bayesian nonparametric model for test equating. In Chapter 11 (pp. 175-184) of A. von Davier (Ed.), Statistical Models for Equating, Scaling, and Linking. New York: Springer.

Karabatsos, G., & Walker, S.G. (2009). A Bayesian nonparametric approach to test equating.Psychometrika74, 211 - 232.

Karabatsos, G., & Walker, S.G. (2009). Coherent psychometric modeling with Bayesian nonparametrics.British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology62, 1-20.

Karabatsos, G., & Walker, S.G. (2007). Bayesian nonparametric inference of stochastically ordered distributions, with Polya Trees and Bernstein Polynomials. Statistics & Probability Letters77, 907-913.

Karabatsos, G., & Walker, S.G. (2007). On the normalized maximum likelihood and Bayesian decision theory.Journal of Mathematical Psychology50, 517-520.

Karabatsos, G. (2006). Bayesian nonparametric model selection and model testing. Journal of Mathematical Psychology50, 123-148.

Karabatsos, G. (2006). The exchangeable multinomial model as an approach for testing axioms of choice and measurement. Journal of Mathematical Psychology49, 51-69.

Karabatsos, G. (2005). Additivity testing. In B. Everitt and D.C. Howell [Eds.], Encyclopedia of Behavioral Statistics.

Karabatsos, G., & Sheu, C.-F. (2004). Bayesian order constrained inference for dichotomous models of unidimensional non-parametric item response theory. Applied Psychological Measurement28, 110-125.

Karabatsos, G., & Batchelder, W.H. (2003). Markov chain Monte Carlo estimation for test theory without an answer key. Psychometrika68, 373-389.

Karabatsos, G. (2003). Comparing the aberrant response detection performance of thirty-six person-fit statistics.Applied Measurement In Education16, 277-298.

Karabatsos, G. (2001). The Rasch model, additive conjoint measurement, and new models of probabilistic measurement theory. Journal of Applied Measurement2, 389-423.

Honors & Awards

Research Grants at UIC (as Principal Investigator)

TitleAdvances and Applications in Bayesian Density Regression.
Principal Investigators
: George Karabatsos(PI), Stephen G. Walker, Victoria Chou, Elizabeth Talbott, Alfred Tatum (Co-PIs).
Funding Agency: National Science Foundation, Program in Methodology, Measurement, and Statistics.
Amount: $280,000.
Grant Number: SES-1156372.
Funding Duration: June 15, 2012 to June 14, 2014.
Research Site: University of Illinois-Chicago, and University of Kent, United Kingdom.

Title: Content Learning and Identity Construction: African American Students in Urban Elementary Schools.
Principal InvestigatorsMaria Varelas, Danny Martin, Justine Kane, George Karabatsos.
Funding Agency: University of Illinois-Chicago: Areas of Excellence Awards.
Amount: $164,948.
Funding Duration: March 1, 2012 to February 29, 2013.
Research Site: University of Illinois-Chicago. 
Title: Bayesian Approaches for Testing Axioms of Measurement.
Principal Investigator: George Karabatsos.
Collaborative Proposal with Jay Myung of Ohio State University. 
Agency: National Science Foundation Program of Methodology, Measurement, and Statistics. 
Amount: $280,000. 
Grant Number: SES-0242030.
Funding Duration
: April 1, 2003 to March 31, 2006.
Research Site: University of Illinois-Chicago, and The Ohio State University. 

Other Honors and Awards
Associate Editor, Psychometrika
New Investigator Award, 2002, Society for Mathematical Psychology.