Faculty & Staff

Irma Olmedo

Associate Professor Emerita

Irma Olmedo is Associate Professor Emerita whose research and teaching are in the areas of language education, teacher development and issues of immigration and education.

She has published journal articles and book chapters in these areas.


Ph.D., Kent State U., Curriculum

Certificate of Advanced Study in Curriculum, University of Chicago

M.A. Latin American Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Research & Teaching Interests

Young children’s bilingual, metalinguistic and metacommunicative development.

Research in progress:

Oral history and family narratives of Latino elderly to explore culture and its transmission to younger generation.

Preparing teachers for urban schools and mentoring teachers for educating English language learners.

Immigration: Socio-political, linguistic and educational dimensions.

Selected Publications

“Internationalizing Teacher Education for a Global Arena.”  In Reyes Quezada (Ed.) Internationalization of Teacher Education: Creating Globally Competent Teachers and Teacher Educators for the 21st Century.  Routledge, 2011.  Co-author: Lesley Harbon.

“Hoy Marchamos, Mañana Votamos: It’s all Part of the Curriculum.” In Pallares, A. &  Flores-Gonzalez, N. (Eds.) Marcha: Latino Chicago and the Immigrant Rights Movement (p. 97-108). University of Illinois Press, 2010.

“Hoy Marchamos, Mañana Votamos: Teachers Address Immigrant Rights Mobilizations in their Classrooms.”  Race, Gender and Class Journal, 17(1-2), 163-179, 2010.

“Broadening Our Sights: Internationalizing Teacher Education for a Global Arena. “ Teaching Education, 21(1), 75-88,  2010. Co-Author: L. Harbon.

Olmedo. I. M. Blending Borders of Language and Culture: Schooling in La Villita. Journal of Latinos and Education, 8(1), p. 22-37.

Olmedo, I. M. (2007). モHoy marchamos, ma￱ana votamos.ヤ El papel de los maestros en las movilizaciones a favor de los migrantes. (Today we march, tomorrow we vote: The role of teachers in immigrant rights mobilizations). Decisio, 18, p. 15-21.

Olmedo, I. M. (2007). Amigos. Dialogo, 10, p. 50-55. Journal of the Center for Latino Research, DePaul University, Chicago, IL

Olmedo, I. M. (2006). Creating contexts for studying history with students learning English. In B. Lanman & L. Wendling (Eds.). Preparing the next generation of oral historians: An anthology of oral history education. Lanham, Md: Rowman & Littlefield.

Olmedo, I. M. (2005). The bilingual echo: Bilingual children as language mediators in a dual language school. In M. Farr, (Ed.). Latino Language and Literacy in Ethnolinguistic Chicago (Vol. II), p. 135-55. Erlbaum

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Olmedo, I. M. (2001). Critical multiculturalism: Rethinking multicultural and antiracist education, (Steven May, Ed.). Teachers College Record, 103(1), 114-16. Book review

Olmedo, I. M. (2001, April). Multicultural education in the United States of America: The challenging road from theory to classroom practice. (p. 131-145). Zeitschrift fur internationale erziehung-und sozialwissenschaftliche Forschung. Deutsches Institut fur Internationale Paedagogische Forschung, Frankfurt, Germany. (Journal for International Education and Social Science Research, Germany)

Olmedo, I. M. (1999). Redefining culture through the memorias of elderly Latinas. Qualitative Inquiry, 5(3), 353-76.

Olmedo, I. M. (1999). La negociaci￳n entre dos culturas: Adaptaci￳n y resistencia de Latinas con respecto a la educaci￳n de sus hijos en Chicago. (Negotiating between two cultures: Adaptation and resistance of Latinas with respect to the education of their children in Chicago). In G. Mummert (Ed.), Fronteras Fragmentadas, Colegio de Michoac£n, Michoac£n, M←xico.

Olmedo, I, M. (1999). Bilingual education: Teachers' Narratives. Anthropology and Education Quarterly, 30(3), 266-68. Book review

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Olmedo, I. M. (1997). Voices of our past: Using oral history to explore funds of knowledge within a Puerto Rican family. Anthropology and Education Q. 22 (4), 550-73.

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Olmedo, I. M. (1997). Family oral histories for multicultural curriculum perspectives. Urban Education, 32(1), 45-62.

Honors & Awards

2012 - Fulbright Specialist Program award to lecture at University of Malaga,  Spain.

2008 - Teaching Recognition Program Award by Council for Excellence in Teaching

2005 - Exemplary Faculty Mentor Award- IRRPP

2003-04 - Great Cities Faculty Scholar

1998-2003 - Title VII grant from department of Education, Washington, DC for Project STEPS (Support and Training for Excellent Professionals for Schools)

1997 - Fulbright Fellow in Mexico, Western Mexico: History and Traditions in Transnational Context. Summer

1996-97 - Great Cities Faculty Scholar

Professional Affiliations & Activities

American Educational Research Association

Latin American Studies Association

Puerto Rican Studies Association

National Association for Bilingual Education