Faculty & Staff

Sunyoung (Sunny) Kim, PhD

Assistant Professor


Ph.D. Special Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Minor: Research Methodology)

M.Ed. Early Childhood Special Education, University of Texas at Austin

Research & Teaching Interests

Dr. Kim's primary research centers on two strands: (a) interventions for social behaviors and peer relationships of students with autism and other developmental disabilities in inclusive environments, and (b) qualitative examinations of cultural responsiveness in evidence-based interventions for children with disabilities and their families, including those from diverse racial/ethnic and linguistic backgrounds.

Selected Publications


McDaniel, S. C., & Kim, S., Kwan, D., & Choi, Y-J.(In Press). Stakeholder perceptions of contextual factors related to PBIS Implementation in high need schoolsJournal of Children and Poverty.

McLeod, R., Kim, S.,& Resua, K. (2018). Effects of video and email feedback on pre-service teachers’ use of recommended practices. Topics in Early Childhood Special EducationAdvance online publication 

McLeod, R., Kim, S., Tomek, T., & McDaniel, S. (2017). Effects of a summer school-readiness programme on measures of literacy and behaviour growth. Early Child Development and Care. Advance online publication.

Kim, J. & Kim, S. (2017). Self-positioning of Korean immigrant mothers of children with disabilities. International Journal of Multicultural Education. Advance online publication.

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McDaniel, S. C., Kim, S., & Guyotte, K.W. (2017). Perceptions of implementing positive behavior interventions and supports in high-need school contexts: Through the voice of local stakeholders. Journal of At-Risk Issues. Advance online publication.

Jung, E. J., Shin, Y. H., Kim, S. Hermann, J., & Bice, C. (2017). Identifying underlying beliefs about F & V consumption among low-income older adults: An elicitation study based on the Theory of Planned Behavior Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. Advance online publication. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jneb.2017.05.343 (Contribution to Method)

Kim, S., Kim, H., & Saffo, R. W. (2017). Culturally and linguistically responsive social skills interventions for children with autism. International Journal of Special Education, 32(2), 413-438.

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