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Academic Resources

Academic Support Services

UIC offers extensive academic and student support services, through which students meet mentors, receive help with classes and connect with friends.

Student Grievance Procedures

Student Academic Grievance Procedure define an administrative process through which students may seek resolution of complaints or Grievances regarding academic standing during their enrollment at UIC.

Council on Teacher Education

The UIC Council on Teacher Education (CTE) helps students navigate their way to teacher, school service personnel or administrative licensure in the State of Illinois.


A community for MEd Special Education students to network, pursue career opportunities and engage socially.

Academic Resource Centers


The Counseling Help and Assistance Necessary for a College Education program provides access to Academic Skill Builders courses, tutoring services, peer-to-peer mentors and specialized seminars and workshops.

UIC Writing Center

The UIC Writing Center provides peer tutoring in order to improve student writing campus-wide.

Academic Center for Excellence

The Academic Center for Excellence provides academic counseling, courses in reading, writing, vocabulary, and study skills, computer-assisted instruction and student strategy workshops to all students.

TRIO-Academic Support Program

TRIO provides academic support, services, and counseling.

Tutorium in Intensive English

The Tutorium in Intensive English offers superior instruction in English as a Second Language.

Academic Calendar

As calendar dates are subject to change, please only reference the official UIC Academic Calendar.

Fall 2015-Summer 2016

Fall 2016-Summer 2017

Fall 2017-Summer 2018

Fall 2018-Summer 2019

Student Life Resources

African American Cultural Center

The African American Cultural Center supports the academic and diversity missions of the University by engaging campus and community partners in innovative cultural, social, and scholarly activities.

Asian American Resource and Cultural Center

The Asian American Resource and Cultural Center offers social, cultural, and educational programs that promote knowledge of and foster engagement with issues relating to Asian Americans and Asian American studies.

Disability Resource Center

The Disability Resource Center facilitates access for students through consultation with faculty and campus departments, and the provision of reasonable accommodations.

Gender and Sexuality Center

The Gender and Sexuality Center provides and facilitates lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and ally education, outreach, research, and support in order to create  a more equitable and inclusive community.

Latin American Recruitment and Educational Services Center (LARES)

The Latin American Recruitment and Educational Services Center empowers student by providing personal growth and educational opportunities to prepare leaders who contribute towards cultural and social advancement of the Latino community.

Rafael Cintrón Ortiz Latino Cultural Center

The Latino Cultural Center identifies, creates, and promotes opportunities to sustain and nourish academic, personal and professional growth, deepen the understanding of Latino cultures and issues, and build intercultural skills and collaborations for positive social change.

Native American Support Program

The Native American Support Program strives to increase the enrollment, retention, and graduation rates of Native American Students.

Women’s Leadership and Resource Center

The Women’s Leadership and Resource Center provides individual consultation on issues such as sexual harassment and sexual assault.


CampusCare is the self-funded health benefits student program of UIC.

Counseling Services

The UIC Counseling Center provides individual and group therapy and counseling, crisis intervention, assessment and referrals to facilitate the cognitive, emotional and social development of students so that they may optimally reach their academic goals.

African American Academic Network

The African American Academic Network works to increase the recruitment, retention, and graduation rates of African American students as well as establishing an inclusive and supportive campus environment.

Office of Student Veteran Affairs

The Office of Student Veteran Affairs assists student veterans as they make the transition to the campus life.  The office functions as an advocate for veterans and their needs as they enroll and graduate from UIC.

Office of Transfer Student Assistance

The Office of Transfer Student Assistance is a place for transfer students to come for information and assistance to make a successful transition to UIC.


Live in the Heart of the Windy City

Looking to live on campus in the heart of one of the world’s great cities?  UIC Campus Housing has exactly what you are looking for.  With 10 residential halls and 11 special interest communities to choose from, on-campus housing is tailored to match your lifestyle as a student and resident of Chicago.  Preview UIC’s housing options below, and visit the UIC Campus Housing website for complete details on the housing process.


Undergraduate students live in 10 residence halls located on the East, West and South sides of campus that house as few as 130 and as many as 740 students. Each residence hall offers a variety of room sizes and community building opportunities.


Graduate students have the option of living in single student residences, with a private living area and a common area shared with 1-3 other people.  This apartment-style residence hall houses 530 graduate and professional students. The building is designed to allow students to concentrate on their studies.  All utilities are provided.

Special Interest Communities

Special interest communities bring students together interested in pursuing common academic and career goals. Each community has a peer mentor who works to ensure a top-notch in-class and out-of-class experience. Programming provides meaningful learning and experiential opportunities.

Special interest communities that may be of interest to College of Education students include:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Health & Fitness Community
  • Honors House
  • Women in Science & Engineering

Visit the special interest communities website for more information.


 The Fall 2015 Commencement ceremony for the College of Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago will be held in the UIC Pavilion at 2 p.m. on Friday, December 11, 2015.

The College of Education will grant the B.A., M.Ed., Ph.D., and Ed.D. degrees to graduates who have completed their programs during the summer and fall 2015 semesters.

Note:  attendance at this Commencement ceremony is optional.  You may choose to walk during the Spring 2016 Commencement ceremony (date TBA).  You must register to walk at the Fall 2015 Commencement ceremony.

More information on Commencement

Register to walk at the ceremony


Core Curriculum Handbook for Undergraduates

Master of Education Student Handbook

Doctoral Student Handbook for students admitted Fall 2013 and onward.

Doctoral Student Handbook for students admitted Summer 2013 or previous term.

Career Services

A wide range of career services resources are available to current students in the College.

Student teaching
Access resources from the Council on Teacher Education

Resume, cover letter, and interview preparation
Stephanie Birk, assistant director of Career Services, is your point person within the Office of Career Services for any assistance and counseling as you prepare to enter the job market. Contact here at

The Council on Teacher education provides test study guides and strategy guides for completing Illinois State Board of Education licensure.

Employment opportunities for current students
The Office of Career Services provides a job board for current students for use through six months following graduation.

Employment opportunities for alumni
The University of Illinois Alumni Association provides a job board for all alumni. The College is also working on developing its own internal job board; check back here for updates.


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Advisor Change Form

Change of Strand Request

Course Overload Petition

Course Repeat Form

Course Waiver Form M.Ed.

Course Waiver Form Ph.D. and Ed.D.

Foreign Language Consult Department Recommendation Form

Independent Study Form

Name or Address Change Form (College of Education only)

  • If you need to change your address with the University or the Council on Teacher Education, please submit you new information to those offices also)

Research Project form (authorization to enroll in College of Education 593 courses)

Schedule Helper

Undergraduate Change of Advisor Form

Undergraduate Exit Survey

Undergraduate Independent Study Form

Undergraduate Late Drop Petition

Undergraduate Permit to Register Form

Undergraduate Student Petititon

Undergraduate Student Progress Policy

Written Examination Form



Academic Advisors

Rose Beccera

Rose has worked in the College for five years, advising undergraduate students on the Education degree/program requirements, making sure all students become familiar with the UIC policies and on-campus resources that are very supportive in building their college experiences. Rose sees her position as one of providing great guidance to all students as they transition intot he field of education and enjoys working with students on their path towards leadership and teaching positions.  Contact her at

Jennifer DeLago

Jennifer DeLago is the Coordinator of Advising and Registration at the College of Education.  Born and raised in Chicago, she has worked in the College of Education for 15 years as an academic advisor by being an advocate for students that positively impacts student learning.  Contact her at

Whitney Spencer

Whitney Spencer is the College's newest advisor and hails from Kentucky. She is a two time alum of the University of Louisville (Go Cards!) and a new resident to the city of Chicago. She work with undergraduate Education students majoring in both Urban Education and Human Development and Learning and enjoys working with COE students because of the passion they show for social justice and being the best possible educator's of tomorrow.  Contact her at

Ana Valenta

Ana Valenta has worked at the College for more than 11 years.  She work with MEd programs focusing on admission, graduation, the logistics of navigating UIC, processing paperwork and assisting students with registration.  She enjoys helping student through the journey of graduate school and reach the goal of graduation from the program.  Ana holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the UIC College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in Anthropology and an MEd Instructional Leadership degree from the College of Education with a concentration in Educational Studies.  Contact her at

Elise Wilson

Elise A. Wilson, M.Div., is Doctoral Programs Advisor in the College of Education, Office of Student Services (OSS), where she directs and coordinates activities related to admissions and program management.   She has worked in this position for over seven years.  However, Elise has served the College of Education for over 10 years; prior to joining OSS, she worked as Assistant to Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.  What she enjoys most about her current position is that it gives her the opportunity to facilitate students achieving their academic dreams and goals.  Elise received her undergraduate degree in Social Studies from Roosevelt University, her Master of Arts in Counseling and Human Services, from Roosevelt University and her Master of Divinity from Chicago Theological Seminary.  Contact her at

Commons TV Instructions

Students seeking to connect their laptop or mobile device to the Commons TV should use these instructions:

Android phones and tablets

Apple Macbooks

iPads, iPods and iPhones (AirPlay Mirroring)

Windows laptops