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Recent Grants

The College of Education receives grants in support of our values of hope, engagement and justice. Here are recent grants the college has received.

Flying Kites (Knowledge in Transformational Early Childhood Special Education)
PI: Sunyoung “Sunny” Kim
Co-PI: Catherine Main
Award: 740,225
Years: 2024-2029
Sponsor: U.S. Department of Education

Training Leaders in Equitable Applied Behavioral Practices (LEAP)
PI: Emily Gregori
Co-PI: Daniel Maggin
Total Award: $742,088
Years: 2024-2029
Sponsor: U.S. Department of Education

UIC Early Childhood Education RAP: ECE-RAP (Early Childhood Education Registered Apprenticeship Program)
PI: Catherine Main
Total Award: $3,795,200
Years: 2024-2028
Sponsor: U.S. Department of Labor

Advocates for Behavioral Development for Young Multicultural Children in Chicago (ABC)
PI: Dr. Sunny Kim
Co-PI: Dr. Emily Gregori
Total Award: $1,099,755
Years: 2024-2029
Sponsor: Office of Special Education Programs, Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, U.S. Department of Education

Preparing Responsive Interventionists in Applied Behavior Analysis (PRIDE)
PI: Emily Gregori
Co-PI: Sunyoung Kim
Total Award: $1,035,514
Years: 2023-2028
Sponsor: Department of Education

Collaborative Teaching for Young and Diverse Children with High Intensity Needs and Multiple Disabilities in Blended Environments (CHIME)
PI: Sunyoung Kim
Co-PI: Michelle Parker-Katz
Award: $1,011,563
Years: 2023-2028
Sponsor: Department of Education

Examining Blackness in Postsecondary STEM Education through a Multidimensional-Multiplicative Lens
PI: Terrell Morton
Award: $2,273,818
Years: 2022-2027
Sponsor: National Science Foundation

Assistive Technology Leaders in Special Education
PI: Daniel Maggin
Co-PI: Daniel Cochrane
Award: $1,248,700
Years: 2024-2029
Sponsor: Department of Education

Research Practice Partnership for Improving Equity-Centered School Leadership Practice in Chicago Public Schools
PI: Shelby Cosner
Co-PIs: Yue Yin, Dean Kathryn Chval
Award: $649, 715
Years: 2023-2026
Sponsor: WT Grant Foundation

Generating Queers: The Transformative Work of LGBTQ+ Intergenerational Dialogues
PI: Nicholas Weststrate
Award: $374,325
Years: 2023-2026
Sponsor: Spencer Foundation

Deepening and Expanding the Mission and Outcomes of the Re-Envisioning Culture Network
PI: Terrell Morton
Award: $500,000
Years: 2022-2025
Sponsor: National Science Foundation

The Ready Child: A Public Awareness Campaign
PI: Kathleen Sheridan
Co-PIs: David Banzer, Sarai Coba-Rodgriquez, Jeremy Riel
Award: $100,000
Years: 2023-2025
Sponsor: CME Group Foundation

Individualized, Equity-Focused Evaluation of Public Library Makerspaces
PI: Rebecca Teasdale
Award: $149,082
Years: 2023-2025
Sponsor: Institute of Museum and Library Sciences

Impact Coaching: Novice Principal Assessment and Improvement Plans that Impact the District
PI: Cynthia Barron
Co-PI: Sharon Spears
Award: $250,000
Years: 2023-2025
Sponsor: Crown Family Philanthropies

An Investigation of a Cultural Humility & Social Justice Training and Support Intervention for Mentors of Youth of Color
PI: Bernadette Sanchez
Co-PI: David Dubois
Award: $570,000
Years: 2020-2025
Sponsor: WT Grant Foundation

Special education Urban Research for Greater Equity
PI: Lisa Cushing
Co-PI: Norma Lopez-Reyna
Award: $1,374,747
Years: 2018-2024
Sponsor: Department of Education

Post-College Career Readiness Across Disabled Adults in the Midwest
PI: Philip Boda
Award: $9,980
Years: 2023-2024
Sponsor: Eskeanzi Health Foundation

Early Childhood Workforce Portrait
PI: Daniel Maggin
Award: $200,000
Years: 2023-2024
Sponsor: Illinois State Board of Education

Diagnosing and Addressing Network-level Leaders Learning Needs Through C2 Research Practice Partnership
PI: Shelby Cosner
Co-PI: Cynthia Barron
Years: 2024-2026
Award: $250,00
Sponsor: The Fry Foundation

PI: Shelby Cosner
Co-PI: Marie Tejeros
Years: 2023-2028
Award: $800,972 subaward of 15M/funded
Sponsor: National Center for Supporting School Building and Early Intervention Program Administrators to Effectively Implement IDA and Improve Systems Serving Children with Disabilities. Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services, US Department of Education.

Strengthening Equity-Centered School Leader Preparation by Integrating Principles of the Science of Learning and Development (SOLD)
Co-PIs: Lionel Allen, co-PI, Tonikiaa Orange, (UCLA), Patricia Virella, (Montclair State U.)
Years: 2024-2025Total Award :$10,000
Sponsor: EdPrep Lab