Guaranteed Professional Program Admissions

The College of Education's Guaranteed Professional Program Admissions (GPPA) offers all UIC undergraduate students the opportunity to guarantee admission to one of the Master of Education programs.  This is a great option for undergraduates in the College's BA Human Development and Learning and BA Urban Education - Elementary Education programs to pursue specific career paths.  The GPPA also opens a path toward careers as a reading and literacy teacher, special educator, science educator and educational researcher for all students across UIC.

The following Master of Education programs offer guaranteed admission for students who meet specific qualifications:

* NOTE - to earn guaranteed admission to the MEd Science Education program, students must earn their undergraduate degree from UIC in one of the following majors: Physics, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Biological Sciences, or Engineering Physics.

The MEd Early Childhood Education, MEd Educational Studies, MEd Language, Literacies and Learning, MEd MESA and MEd Special Education programs do not have any limitations on undergraduate degrees.

GPPA Requirements

  • Membership in the UIC Honors College is strongly recommended, but not required. The Honors College Program offers GPPA students intellectual challenges that will help, them prepare for the rigors of graduate studies through focused individualized work on independent projects.
  • Students must maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA (A=4.0) each semester.
  • Students must maintain a full-time course load each semester (minimum of 12 semester hours of graded credits each semester).
  • Students must attend ONE meeting per semester with GPPA program faculty.
  • Students must have in interest in working in an urban setting.

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