Making Good on the Promise of Public Education

For over 50 years, the UIC College of Education has prepared teachers, principals, researchers, activists, and policymakers to work in partnership with Chicago communities to positively impact the lives of learners of all ages and their families, and to counter indignities closely associated with poverty and race.

What We Do

Through their research, mentorship and leadership, members of our college community are actively seeking solutions, creating pathways, and leading efforts to shape educational practices and policies in Chicago and beyond. Our faculty, staff, students, and alumni advocate on behalf of children, adults and their families in Chicago and around the nation. As a public institution dedicated to serving students and learners of all ages, we are making good on the promise of public education.

  • 19 Degree Programs

    We offer degree programs at the bachelor’s (2 BAs), master’s (9 MEds), and doctoral (7 PhDs, 1 EdD) level.

  • 1,200 Students Enrolled

    The College currently has approximately 530 undergraduates and 670 graduate students.

  • 17:1 student to faculty ratio

  • 70% courses at the College are taught by full-time faculty

  • 277 degrees awarded last year

  • 10% increase in College enrollment for 2020-2021

  • #41 US News Ranking for Best Education Schools for 2021

Mission and Values