Financial Aid, Scholarships and Tuition

UIC Tuition

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About 80 percent of UIC students receive financial assistance for their education, with a variety of opportunities at UIC to lower tuition costs. Need help navigating all the options? Ask us a question with this form.

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Public Funding for Teacher Candidates

Public funding is available to students who will serve after graduation as licensed teachers. Options include:

  • TEACH Grant: provides federal student aid to teacher candidates who seek to become teachers in low-income schools
  • Minority Teacher of Illinois Scholarship Program: encourages academically talented minority students to pursue careers as teachers at nonprofit Illinois Pre-K to 12 schools; and
  • Illinois Special Education Teacher Tuition Waiver: covers tuition for students pursuing licensure to teach special education (including teachers with a PEL who are not currently licensed to teach special education) who agree to a service requirement

Fellowships and Tuition Waivers

Graduate College Tuition and Fee Waivers cover tuition and fees to the UIC Graduate College and are awarded on a limited, semester-by-semester basis.

University Fellowships are awards aimed at recruiting outstanding students newly admitted to graduate programs at UIC.

The UIC Graduate Access Fellowship (formerly Abraham Lincoln Fellowship) seeks to increase the excellence and diversity of the graduate student body by attracting applicants who have overcome obstacles to achieve academic success.

Teaching and Research Assistantships

The College offers teaching assistant and research assistant positions to graduate students, which often come with tuition waivers or discounts. Positions are offered on a rolling basis and generally require an application.