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Photo of Baker-Doyle, Kira

Kira Baker-Doyle

Associate Professor

Curriculum & Instruction


Building & Room:

1223 ETMSW MC 147

Office Phone:



Dr. Kira J. Baker-Doyle is the Director of the Center for Literacy and an Associate Professor of Curriculum & Instruction at the University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Education. Dr. Baker-Doyle’s work focuses on understanding how to build critically transformative and empowering learning experiences through collaboration, connection, and networking. She is known internationally for her social network research on urban teacher professional development and community engagement, particularly in the areas of literacy, technology, and connected learning. She is the author of several books on these topics as well as a range of scholarly publications. Dr. Baker-Doyle has taught courses on 21st century literacies, literacy foundations, children’s and young adult literature, and teacher research.  She currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief for the Review of Education, Pedagogy, and Cultural Studies.

Courses Taught

  • Designing Networks for Learning, Literacies, and Educational Change (CI585)

Selected Publications


Yoon, S.A. & Baker-Doyle, K.J. (Eds) (2018) Networked By Design: Interventions for Teachers To Develop Social Capital. London, UK: Routledge.

Baker-Doyle, K.J. (2017) Transformative Teachers: Teacher Learning and Leadership in a Connected World. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Education Press.

Baker-Doyle, K. J. (2011) The Networked Teacher: How New Teachers Build Social Networks for Professional Support. New York, NY: Teachers College Press.

Selected Peer-reviewed Articles

Andrzejewski, C., Baker-Doyle, K.J., Glazier, J., & Reimer, K. (2019) (Re)framing vulnerability as social justice work: Lessons from hacking our teacher education. Review of Education, Pedagogy, and Cultural Studies. Special Issue on Transforming Teacher Education. DOI: 10.1080/10714413.2019.1694358

Baker-Doyle, K.J. (2017). How Can Community Organizations Support Urban Transformative Teacher Leadership? Lessons from Three Successful Alliances. Educational Forum. 81(4), 45-466.

Baker-Doyle, K.J. & Gustavson, L. (2015). Permission-seeking as an agentive tool for transgressive teaching: An ethnographic study of teachers organizing for curricular change. Journal of Educational Change. 17(1), 51-84

Baker-Doyle, K.J. (2014) Stories in networks and networks in stories: A tri-modal model for mixed-methods social network research on teachers. International Journal of Research and Method in Education. 38 (1), 72-82.

Baker-Doyle, K. J. (2013) Go ask Alice: Uncovering the role of a university partner in an informal science curriculum support network. International Journal of Science Education, Part B, 3(3) 233-245.

Baker-Doyle, K. J. (2012) The social networks of new teachers: Locating and building professional support. The New Educator, 8(1), 65-85.

Baker-Doyle, K. J. & Yoon, S.A. (2010) In search of practitioner-based social capital: A social network analysis tool for understanding and facilitating teacher collaboration in a professional development program. Professional Development in Education, 37 (1) 75-93.

Baker-Doyle, K. (2010) Examining teacher recruitment and retention from a Social Network Perspective. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 18 (26). 1-17.


2008, Ph.D. Teaching, Learning & Curriculum, University of Pennsylvania GSE
1999, M.S.Ed. Elementary Education, University of Pennsylvania GSE
1997, B.A. Cultural Anthropology (Focus Area: West Africa), University of Pennsylvania

Research Currently in Progress

Networks of Activism and Resistance Among Teachers of Color: A qualitative study uncovering the stories of activist Teachers of Color as they participate in social justice-oriented activist organizations and how these experiences impact their teaching and learning. Collaborators: Dr. Lynnette Mawhinney, UIC and Dr. Sonia Rosen, University of Pennsylvania.