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Photo of Campos, Maria Teresa

Maria Teresa Campos

Leadership Coach


Dr. Maria Teresa Campos (Terri) is a lifelong learner and 1st generation Mexican.  She holds 3 master’s degrees and an Ed.D. in Urban Leadership from University of Illinois Chicago. Dr. Campos was a resident principal at Chicago World Language Academy and later an assistant principal at Talcott Fine Arts and Museum.  Wanting to be more challenged she took on the role of Principal of Rodolfo Lozano Bilingual International Center.  The school was at its lowest level and was listed to close. The district gave the school a second chance and as a result, Terri was able to expand the Perk and Cluster program.  She flipped the Bilingual Program to ensure students were receiving services while at the same time receiving rigorous instruction. In the Perk program, she worked to ensure the Pre-K curriculum was in place and incorporated Balanced Literacy to prepare students for kindergarten.  In the cluster program, she developed collaboration between teachers and unified topics of learning in a tiered differentiated way. She also instituted a departmentalized program from grades 3-8 where teachers are certified in the content they teach.

With the support from staff, Dr. Campos transformed the school with CPS ratings from underperforming to performing above average.  Her staff as well as she has participated in various projects sponsored by The Fund.  She is a member of GEM and has been recognized by her network as a visionary leader.  She is a proud board member of NHAE (Network of Hispanic Administrators in Education) with a 100% success rate she has worked with Latinos in preparing them to become Instructional Leaders.   Dr. Campos began her journey at UIC as a doctoral candidate and now returns as a Leadership Coach.