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Photo of Lei, Qingli

Qingli Lei, PhD

Bridge to Faculty Postdoctoral Research Associate

Special Education


Building & Room:

ETMSW 1440


1040 W. Harrison St. (M/C 147), Chicago, IL 60607

Office Phone:

(312) 996-8908



Dr. Qingli Lei is a Bridge to Faculty Fellow in the Department of Special Education at the University of Illinois Chicago. She earned her PhD in Educational Studies from Purdue University, with a focus on special education. Dr. Lei coordinated a multi-year model-based mathematics problem-solving program funded by the National Science Foundation. Her research interests include developing effective mathematics interventions for students with disabilities, analyzing teacher-student discourse to empower mathematics reasoning and problem-solving skills, and exploring cognitive and non-cognitive factors that influence mathematics learning.

Selected Publications

Lei, Q. & Xin, Y. (2023). A synthesis of mathematical word problem-solving instructions for English learners with learning disabilities in mathematics. Review of Education, 11(2), 1-18.

Wei, S., Lei, Q., Chen, Y., & Xin, Y. P. (2023). The effects of visual cueing on students with and without math learning difficulties in online problem solving: Evidence from eye movement. Behavioral Sciences, 13(11), 927.

Xin, Y., Kim, S., Lei, Q., Liu, B., Wei, S., Kastberg, S., Chen, Y. (2023). The effect of model-based problem solving on the performance of students who are struggling in mathematics. The Journal of Special Education, 57(3), 181-192.

Liu, D., Lory, C., Lei, Q., Cai, W., Mao, Y., Yang, X. (2023). Using explicit instruction and virtual manipulatives to teach measurement concepts for students with autism spectrum disorder. The Journal of Special Education.

Lei, Q., Mason, A. R., Xin, Y. P., Davis, J., David, M. & Lory, C. (2020a). A meta-analysis of single-case research on mathematics word problem-solving interventions for English learners with learning disabilities and mathematics difficulties. Learning Disabilities Research & Practice, 35(4), 201-217.

Lei, Q., Xin, Y. P., Morita-Mullaney, T., & Tzur, R. (2020b). Instructional scaffolds in mathematics instruction for English learners with learning disabilities: An exploratory case study. Learning Disabilities: A Contemporary Journal, 18(1), 123-144.


Ph.D., Special Education, Purdue University

M.S., Applied Statistics, Purdue University

M.S.Ed., Special Education, Purdue University

M.A., TESOL, Central Michigan University