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Photo of Lipman, Pauline

Pauline Lipman, PhD


Co-coordinator of PhD Social Foundations of Education

Educational Policy Studies


Building & Room:

1404 ETMSW


1040 W. Harrison St. (M/C 147), Chicago, IL 60607

Office Phone:

(312) 413-4413

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Pauline Lipman is a Professor of Educational Policy Studies and Director of the Collaborative for Equity and Justice in Education. Her teaching and research are rooted in her commitment to social justice and liberation. Drawing on radical political economy, critical geography, critical studies of race, and urban sociology, her interdisciplinary research focuses on race, class, and political economy of urban education. Specifically she focuses on the inter-relationship of education policy, white supremacy, racial capitalism, the coercive state, and neoliberal urban restructuring and possibilities for a new, radically democratic economic and political social order. She is the author of numerous journal articles, book chapters, policy reports and several books on these topics. Her writing has been published and translated internationally including into Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Danish, and Polish. She also does collaborative research with community organizations to challenge neoliberal policies and organize for more just and liberatory education. Pauline teaches classes on Race and Capitalism, Globalization and Education, Political Economy of Urban Education, and Politics of Urban Education.

Selected Publications


Lipman, P. (2011). The new political economy of urban education: Neoliberalism, race, and the right to the city.  New York: Routledge.

Lipman, P. (2004).  High Stakes Education: Inequality, Globalization, and Urban School Reform.  New York: Routledge. AESA Critic’s Choice Award.

Lipman, P. (1998).  Race, Class, and Power in School Restructuring. Albany: State University of New York Press. AESA Critic’s Choice Award.

Selected Book Chapters

Lipman, P. (2020). School Closings: Racial capitalism, state violence, and resistance. In U. Aggerwal, B. Picower & E. Mayorga, Eds., What’s Race Got to Do with It: How current school reform policy maintains racial inequality, 2nd Ed. Peter Lang Publishers.

Lipman, P. & Goel, K. (2020). The right to the city: Interview with Pauline Lipman. In C.  McCarthy,  W. Crichlow,  K. Goel & E. Bulut, Eds., Spaces of New Colonialism: Reading Schools, Museums and Cities in the Tumult of Globalization. New York: Peter Lang.

Lipman, P. (2017). Economic crisis, charter school expansion, and coercive neoliberal urbanism in the U.S.A. In B.S. Ndimande  & C. Lubienski (Eds.) Privatization and the education of marginalized children: Policies, impacts and global lessons. (pp. 17-40). New York: Routledge.

Lipman, P. (2016). Chicago School Policy: regulating Black and Latino youth in the global city. In S. Ball, Ed., Education Policy: Major Themes in Education (4 Vols.), Volume 3,  Policy Processes, Chapt. 35. London: Routledge.

Lipman, P. (2016). Obama’s Education Policy: More Markets, More Inequality, New Urban Contestations. In J. DeFilippis, Ed., Urban Policy in the Time of Obama. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, pp.132-148.

Lipman, P. (2012). Mixed income schools and housing policy in Chicago: A critical examination of the gentrification/education/racial exclusion nexus. In Gary Bridge, Tim Butler, Loretta Lees, Eds., Mixed Communities: Gentrification by stealth? London: Policy Press.

Lipman, P. (2011). Neoliberal Urbanism, Race, and the Assault on Public Education – Chicago’s Intersecting Agenda.  In W.H. Watkins, Ed., Assault on Public Education. New York: Teachers College Press.

Lipman, P. (2009). Education and the right to the city: The intersection of urban policies, education, and poverty. In S. Ball, M. W. Apple & L. A. Gandin, Eds., International Handbook of the Sociology of Education, pp.241-252. London: Routledge.

Lipman, P. (2009). Neoliberal Urban Education Policy: Chicago, a Paradigmatic Case of the Production of Inequality and Racial Exclusion. In C. Raffo, A. Dyson, H. Gunter, D. Hall, L. Jones & A. Kalambouka, Eds. Education and Poverty in Affluent Countries: Mapping the terrain and making links to educational policy. London: Routledge.

Lipman, P. (2009). “Politics by other means” – Education accountability and the surveillance state”. In T. Monahan. &  R. D. Torres, Eds.,  Schools under Surveillance: Cultures of Control in Public Education. Rutgers, NJ: Rutgers University Press.

Lipman, P. (2008). Paradoxes of teaching in neoliberal times. In S. Gewirtz, P. Mahony, I. Hextall & A. Cribb, Eds., Changing Teacher Professionalism: International trends, challenges and ways forward.  London: Routledge.

Lipman, P. (2008). “Education Policy, the Politics of Race, and the Neoliberal Agenda: The Urgency to Reclaim Social Justice in Literacy Teaching.” In S. Greene & D. Abt-Perkins, Eds. Making race visible: Literacy research for cultural understanding, pp.45-66. New York: Peter Lang.

Lipman, P. (2007). “Education and the Spatialization of Urban Inequality: A Case Study of Chicago’s Renaissance 2010.” In K.N. Gulson & C. Symes (Eds.). Spatial Theories of Education: Policy and Geography Matters, (pp.283-322). London: RoutledgeFalmer..

Lipman, P. (2007). “No Child Left Behind:” Globalization, the Labor Market, and the Politics of Inequality.”  In E. W. Ross & R. Gibson (Eds.), Neoliberalism and educational reform: Marxian perspectives on the impact of globalization on teaching and learning. Cresskill, N. J.: Hampton Press.

Lipman, P. (2006). “This Is America” 2005: The Political Economy of Education Reform Against the Public Interest. In G. Ladson-Billings & W. F. Tate, Eds.  Education Research in the Public Interest: The Place for Advocacy in the Academy (pp.98-116). New York: Teachers College Press.

Lipman, P. (2000).  “Restructuring in Context: A Case Study of teacher participation and the dynamics of ideology, race, and power. In S. J. Ball (Ed), The Sociology of Education: Major Themes, Vol. 3. London: Routledge.

Selected Journal Articles

Lipman, P. (2019). Urban Education as Racialized State Violence: What is the Role of Higher Education?  Metropolitan Universities Journal, 30 (2), 8-19.

Lipman, P. (2018).  Segregation, the “Black Spatial Imaginary” and Radical Social Transformation. Democracy & Education, 26 (2), 1-8. Lipman, P. (2017). The landscape of education “reform” in Chicago: Neoliberalism meets a counterhegemonic movement. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 25 (54).

Gutierrez, R. R. & Lipman, P. (2016). Towards Social Movement Activist Research. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 29(10), 1241-1254.

Lipman, P. (2015). Capitalism, Race, and the Role of Schools in Social Transformation — A Response. Educational Theory, 65(3), 341-349.

Lipman, P. (2015). Urban education policy under Obama. Journal of Urban Affairs, 37(1), 57-61.

Lipman, P. (2015). Capitalizing on crisis: Venture philanthropy’s colonial project to remake urban education. Critical Studies in Education, 56(2), 241-258.

Lipman, P. (2013). Collaborative research with parents and local communities: Organizing against racism and education privatization. Education Forum, 3 (50). Polish Pedagogical Society. [published in English and Polish]

Lipman, P. (2013). Economic Crisis, Accountability, and the State’s Coercive Assault on Public Education in the USA. Journal of Education Policy, 28 (5), 557-573.

Gutstein, E. & Lipman, P. (2013).  The Rebirth of the Chicago Teachers Union and Possibilities for a counterhegemonic education movement. Monthly Review, 65(2), pp.1-12.

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PhD University of Wisconsin-Madison