Photo of Yin, Yue

Yue Yin, PhD

Associate Professor of Educational Psychology


Building & Room:

3517 ETMSW


1040 W. Harrison St. (MC 147), Chicago, IL 60607

Office Phone:

(312) 355-1042


Yue Yin is an associate professor in the Department of Educational Psychology whose research interests and expertise include assessments, science education, research design, survey design, and applied measurement/statistics.

Before moving to UIC, she was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa for three years. She obtained her PhD in Science Education and MA in Psychology at Stanford University. She also obtained her MA in Education and B.S. in Chemistry at Peking University.  Yin has taught educational assessment, research methodology, educational measurement, and statistics (introductory statistics, regression, ANOVA, and Multivariate Analysis) at the undergraduate and/or graduate levels.

Selected Publications

Yin, Y., Olson, J., Slovin, H., Olson, M., & Brandon, P. (2015). Comparing two versions of professional development for teachers using formative assessment in networked mathematics classrooms. Journal of Research on Technology in Education, 47(1), 41-70.

Yin, Y., Tomita, M. K., & Shavelson, R. J. (2014). Using formal embedded formative assessment aligned with learning progressions to promote conceptual change in science. International Journal of Science Education, 36(4), 531-552

Briggs, D. C., Ruiz-Primo, M. A., Furtak, E. M., Shepard, L. A., & Yin, Y. (2012). Meta-analytic methodology and inferences about the efficacy of formative assessment. Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice, 31(4), 13-17.

Pan, T., & Yin, Y. (2012). The relationship between mean square differences and standard error of measurement: Comment on Barchard (2012). Psychological Methods, 17(2), 309-311.


2005 - PhD, Stanford University, Science Education and Assessment
2003 - MA, Stanford University, Psychology
2000 - MA, Peking University, Education
1997 - BS, Peking University, Applied Chemistry

Research Currently in Progress

Yin is particularly interested in classroom assessment and applied measurement. She has conducted research on performance assessment, concept mapping assessment, formative assessment, concept inventory development and validation, and computational thinking assessment. The subject contents in her research have involved physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, and statistics, ranging from K-12 to higher education. In her research, she used learning theory as a foundation, measurement and statistics as tools, to explore and examine ways of using assessments to improve students' learning.

Her teaching interests include measurement and applied statistics. At UIC she regularly teaches Analysis of Variance, Regression Analysis, Multivariate Analysis, and Educational Measurement.