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Alumni Testimonials

Daniel Alonso Headshot

“The Educational Studies program at UIC was a great way to diversify my understanding of education policy, leadership, instruction, and social justice within the aspect of education. The instructors are very passionate of their work and practice everything they teach. This program also allowed for me to make connections professionally and personally to benefit my life and career path. I strongly recommend this program to anyone who is looking to expand their knowledge of social justice, education, and youth development.”

Daniel Alonso | MEd Educational Studies ’18

Deborah Carr-Wood Headshot

“Initially, I perceived in my mind that I was too old to pursue a degree in Educational Studies with a concentration in Curriculum Instruction; however, once I committed to go forward, I have not regretted my decision to attend graduate school. So far, my graduate educational experiences have been so profound. Meaning, I have been exposed to more knowledge than I could ever imagine these past semesters. I sincerely know that this was the best program for me and therefore, has become the launching pad I will utilize as I expand the direction of my career goals. As the old cliché has demonstrated in my life, ‘you are never too old to learn. . .'”

Deborah Carr-Wood | MEd Educational Studies ’18

Brandon Cockburn poses for a photo surrounded by high school students he works with.

“Upon entering the program, I had no formal knowledge in regard to educational policy, pedagogy, or educational theory, which seemed very daunting and scary when I entered my first class. My fear and insecurity quickly went aside as I interacted with the amazing professors of the program, but also the incredibly supportive and helpful colleagues and classmates that I interacted with in all of my classes. After my first semester in the program I started to teach and do research in a few districts where I was able to start putting these great theories into practice with the continued support of the faculty and classmates. The amount of experience, knowledge, ideas, and practices in each of those classroom spaces between everyone is the best part of the program. Being able to network and really talk about everything we are learning and discussing in class and then being able to see it in practice by working with other students was phenomenal. I am so glad I chose this program as my starting point in the field of education policy and will always stay in touch with colleagues and professors for advice and helpfulness as I start my teaching career.”

Brandon Cockburn | MEd Educational Studies ’18

Johnnie Mae Davis poses for a photo with a man handing her a framed certificate, denoting an accomplishment she was recognized for at UIC.

“After working at the University of Illinois for many years, I decided to pursue my masters degree. A recent graduate of the Educational Studies program, who is also a colleague of mine, introduced me to the program.  I expected returning to college would be a challenge; however, I was pleasantly surprised at the support and direction that I received from the faculty and staff at UIC, College of Education, specifically, from my academic advisor, Professor Edward Podsiadlik in the Ed Studies program. He has been outstanding engaging me on relevant course enrollment; likewise, the faculty community is phenomenal. I never imagined my trajectory of life would afford me such an astounding learning appreciation.  I would encourage anyone that is hesitant on pursuing a higher-level degree to consider the Educational Studies program. My takeaway has been amazing!”

Johnnie Mae Davis | MEd Educational Studies ’18