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Immigrant Origin Student Resources

During this time of uncertainty regarding national policy towards students and families of immigrant-origin, the College will maintain and update this page within the Current Students section of the website as a repository of information for students affected by immigration policies. If you have questions, need referrals to services for counseling or legal needs, or access to any other resources, please contact the College's Office of Student Services at 312-996-4532.

Students of immigrant origin who may be affected by the executive orders should reference a Department of Homeland Security memo entitled "Enforcement of the Immigration Laws to Serve the National Interest" to better understand the purported legal implications of the executive orders.

College response to proposed immigration executive orders Heading link

As a College of Education committed to higher ideals of truth, fairness, equity, and justice, we condemn the Executive Orders on ethical and educational grounds. We are committed to expanding our mission toward greater action and scholarship to secure the rights and liberties of all members of the College of Education. To this end, we offer a declaration of principles against all forms of oppression and repression that threaten our well-being.

A Declaration of Principles