Graduate Student Scholarships

In order to deliver an exceptional educational experience to students, the College of Education seeks to address the financial needs of students and reward academic achievement.  Through the generosity of donors, the College of Education offers scholarships based on financial need, academic achievement and career aims.

Scholarships offered by specific programs

Some of our graduate programs offer scholarships for specific areas of study, such as within the department of Special Education.

$5 for 4 Scholarships and Promise Fund Scholarships

The $5 for 4 Scholarship and the Promise Fund Scholarship help to support students who display an immediate financial need that will impede their continued enrollment in the College of Education.  To be eligible, students must be enrolled full-time in College of Education programs, in good academic standing, and demonstrate financial need. Student with immediate financial needs should contact Dr. Gena Flynn, Associate Dean for Student Affairs.

Aimee Strawn Math and Science Scholarship in Urban Education

This scholarship is being offered to students who are specializing in the teaching of mathematics and science to urban elementary school students in Chicago in memory of Professor Aimee Strawn.

This scholarship is offered during Fall semesters only. Please revisit in September for updates.

CWK Urban Teacher Scholarship

The Urban Teacher Scholarship helps support first-year MEd students who want to become certified teachers in Chicago’s urban schools. To be eligible students must apply to and enroll in one of the MEd certification programs in any term, have a minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0, and demonstrated financial need. The scholarship will be applied to tuition and fees for new MEd students in their first fall semester of matriculation.

This scholarship is offered during Fall semesters only. Please revisit in September for updates.

Naomi Kaye Scholarship

The Naomi Kaye Scholarship supports undergraduate students. Based on merit, the scholarship recognizes students’ strengths as exhibited by their course performance and grade point average. Secondary consideration is given to financial need as demonstrated in the statement of financial need.

UIC Each One Reach One Scholarship

The UIC Each One Reach One Scholarship supports any student pursuing a degree in the College of Education. Based on academic merit, preference is given to applicants with a cumulative grade point average at 3.0 or above.