Naomi Kaye Scholarship

The Naomi Kaye Scholarship supports undergraduate students. Based on merit, the scholarship recognizes students’ strengths as exhibited by their course performance and grade point average. Secondary consideration is given to financial need as demonstrated in the statement of financial need.

Naomi Kaye Scholarship Application Form

Deadline: February 15

Scholarship decisions will be shared on April 1.

  • Name * Required
  • Which program are you enrolled in? * Required
  • Please write a 300 word (maximum) essay about your commitment to children and youth in urban schools and communities and discuss what inspired this commitment. Write your essay in a word processing software, and then copy and paste the text into this form.
  • Please describe, in 250 words or less, how receiving this scholarship will lessen your financial need. Provide supporting documentation (outstanding UIC balance, unmet need documented on Financial Aid award letter, documentation of unforeseen financial burden, etc) by uploading to this application.
  • Drop files here or