Department of Educational Psychology

About the department

The Department of Educational Psychology (EPSY) contributes to creating more just and equitable communities, schools, and families through innovative, award-winning research, engaged partnerships and outreach.

We engage in teaching and research in two broad areas:

  • Development and application of relevant measures, evaluations, statistical analyses, and assessments of human learning and development to improve educational institutions and research
  • Better understanding human development and learning in context, with a specific focus on how individual, family, and community diversity shape human development and learning

We examine how culture, ethnicity, immigration status, class, gender and sexual orientation relate to human development and learning.

About our programs

Through our bachelor’s and master’s programs, we prepare professionals to work with individuals across the lifespan in a variety of settings such as community-based organizations, schools, not-for-profits, early childhood centers, after school programs, higher education, government agencies, human and social services, industry, and research centers.

Through our doctoral program we prepare individuals to work as professors, researchers, educational measurement professional and evaluators in a variety of contexts.

Department Contacts