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Suspensions on the Rise: Professor's Response

In an op-ed, Professor David Stovall analyzes the surge of suspensions in Chicago Public Schools and the marginaliziation of African American and Latino students in the discipline system.

Interventions Boost Urban Student Outcomes

Anwar Smith, MEd Youth Development, works to strengthen ties between school, home, church and community to bolster life outcomes for children in Chicago's low-income neighborhoods.

Teachers Under Attack: Research on Attitudes

Doctoral student Jessica Gottlieb is investigating how state and national policies are creating the perception of the teaching profession facing aggression.

Youth Change Agents At Work

College of Education students Kisha Milam Brooks and Dayo Harris are implementing a service learning curriculum at Village Leadership Academy that empowers youth to create social change.

Disabilities are not Life-Defining

MEd Youth Development alumna Kim Meares is piloting a program that creates opportunities for young adults living with developmental disabilities to build life and career skills.

Special Education Program Launched at Concordia

Chicago is in need of new special educators, and alumna Valerie Jones, PhD Special Education '13 is working to prepare new special education teachers with small group intervention skills.

Three Black students are working on a science experiment at a table in a chemistry classroom, moving small amounts of liquid from one container to another.

Science Teacher Preparation Grant Begins

Through a National Science Foundation grant, we're recruiting for the next generation of African American and Latina/o science teachers and leaders to transform Chicago Public Schools.

Two students work on a drawing at the Chinese American Service League early childhood center.

Chinese Second Language Education in Chicago

While most resources focus on Spanish-speaking children learning English, alumna Meredith Chambers is preparing early learners of immigrant Chinese parents to tackle the English language.

A closed CPS school has its windows and doors boarded with plywood, and a retractable crane platform sits outside the building.

School Closings Research in Al Jazeera America

At the College of Education, we are gearing our work around the idea of impacting 500,000 children’s lives over 10 years.  A big chunk of that 500,000 is 47,490 CPS students impacted by…

Career Advice for Special Educators

Carlitta Tucker-Powell, MEd Special Education, was recently featured by CBS 2 Chicago discussing her insights into what it takes to succeed as a special educator in Chicago Public Schools.