Teacher Debra Thomas leads a discussion in a self-contained special education classroom as one student listens to her speak.

Research Challenges Special Ed Access

New research from the College's Collaborative for Equity and Justice in Education indicates that charter schools and neighborhood public schools in Chicago offer differing levels of service and access to students with special education needs in Chica

Yasmeen Elayyan is teaching a class, holding up a children's book as part of a read-aloud with her students.  One student is answering a question, and the rest of the students are looking at her.

Teacher Uses Literacy to Combat Racial Bias

When Yasmeen Elayyan encountered an unexpected problem of racial bias in her student-teaching classroom, she turned to the books. Children’s books.

A Latino student works on a math problem with pencil and paper sitting at a desk in a classroom.

Lineup Set for ESL Workshop

Each summer, literacy faculty experts from the College host a two-day workshop featuring renowned thinkers in the field of language acquisition and English as a second language teaching to discuss issues affecting urban multicultural learners.

Parents and Los Angeles city leaders speak at a rally supporting a new hybrid charter and public school.

Alumna Starts Her Own School

Laura McGowan-Robinson always knew she would start her own school. She never knew her school would revolutionize the meaning of school choice.