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Coping Strategies for Students Facing Racial Bias

Professor Aerika Brittian is investigating how racial bias impacts student performance and how affected students engage in coping with the effects of discrimination.

Special education teacher Samantha Rosell instructs two students who are sitting at computers playing a game that develops skills with word identification.

Transition from Special Ed Examined in Brief

Two College professors researched the effects and solutions to the xcritical challenge of transition from special education services.

A kindergartner uses her finger to spell out the word

Digital Divide: Can iPads Close the Gap?

Digital learning tools like iPads can be key tools to close the digital divide gap that manifests between socioeconomic groups.

Research Examines How Teachers Self-Evaluate

Student Marcine Adams' research is looking at teachers' missed opportunities for digging deeper and creating crucial connections with students.

Teacher Eugene Robinson talks one-on-one with a Black male student at CPS Bowen High School, in the school's library.

Building Future Black Teachers

A summer program is recruiting future Black teachers through an introduction to the teaching profession for Black teens in Chicago.

Two Black girls work on a science experiment, removing liquid from a vial and transferring it to a beaker.

Science Identity Development for Black Students

Professors Maria Varelas and Danny Martin are investigating how Black students develop identities as mathematics and science learners and how teachers foster positive identity development.

Empathy from White Teachers to Black Students

Alumnus Chezare Warren investigated how a mostly White and female national teacher body can connect with African American male students in urban school districts.

Genetics of Language Development

PhD Literacy, Language and Culture student Debra Landay is investigating why diagnosis of the genetic condition known as Fragile X Syndrome, causing intellectual disabilities, is often delayed.

A closed CPS school has its windows and doors boarded up with plywood.

School Closure Data Revised by Professors

Professors Federico Waitoller and Joshua Radinsky used spatial mapping to drastically revise upward CPS' count of the number of children affected by school closings.