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The PhD in Critical Pedagogies and Urban Teacher Education (formerly Curriculum Studies) focuses on the importance of critical theory in the interest of emancipation.

Critical pedagogies as a core principle to drive research

Engaging in paradigms of critical praxis for curriculum inquiry includes research, practice, and speculation that promote diversity and pluralism in both in-school and out-of-school settings and contexts. The critical pedagogy strand of this PhD program focuses more on large-scale social and ideological critique and revision, while the urban teacher education strand serves the end of insight and understanding in situationally specific settings and contexts.

Critical praxis asks about origins of inequities in a variety of settings and what can be done about them. The depth and expanse of this doctoral program is characterized by queries such as: How is knowledge and information reproduced in schools, workplaces, and other settings? Whose interests are served by outlooks and skills fostered in these settings? When served, do these interests move more in the direction  of emancipation, equity, and justice, or do they move in the opposite direction?

The program has an application deadline of December 1, 2023 for the 2024 fall class.

Critical pedagogies as a core principle to drive research Heading link

After years of research, local and national discussions, and external reviews by leading faculty in the field, the PhD Curriculum Studies (CS) program faculty have reinvigorated Curriculum Studies concentration by focusing on and strengthening its two key tenets: Critical Pedagogy, and Urban Teacher Education. This new name reflects the importance of critical pedagogies as a core principle driving research.

Curriculum Studies (CS) Faculty Heading link

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