Resources for Current Students

Information listed here is meant as a helpful first step in guiding current students through opportunities at UIC. College of Education students with specific questions and concerns should contact their advisors directly.

Online vs. In-Person Classes

For Fall 2021, courses taught at the UIC College of Education will take one of several formats depending on each instructor.

For mixed in-person and online (hybrid) courses, the amount of the course taught in-person and online will vary by instructor. Please check with the course instructor if you need to know how often and when the course will meet in person or online.

College of Education Student Forms & Documents

Scholarships, Grants & Aid

UIC Academic Resources

UIC Student Support

UIC Student Housing

Coronavirus Updates from the College of Education

College of Education students: have a question?

This form is for College of Education students. If you are a student in another college (LAS, AHS, etc.), please consult your advisor within your own college.

Contact your program advisor: