Learning Behavior Specialist 1 (LBS1) Endorsement

For licensed educators to teach students in K-21 special education settings

The LBS1 (Learning Behavior Specialist 1) endorsement is for teaching students with a wide range of disabilities, ages 5–21, in several instructional delivery models that include teaching in inclusionary settings through consultation and collaborative teaching.

Students with disabilities might learn and show their knowledge in unique and very interesting ways, which makes the LBS1 endorsement valuable for teachers of all subject areas in both general and special education.

For those in general education licensure programs, you can be endorsed to teach in your academic content area and special education at the same time. By adding this endorsement you can broaden your teaching skills to the wide array of ways that special educators support youth and families, and teach either general or special education.

Earning the Endorsement Only (for licensed teachers)

Licensed teachers can complete the courses for the LBS1 endorsement as non-degree students through UIC Extended Campus. If you choose this option, as a non-degree student you will not be eligible for scholarships and financial aid.

Earning the Endorsement with a Degree

You can earn your LBS1 through the Master’s in Special Education program (students must apply to Groups 1 or 2 for the LBS1). Project LEAD is a scholarship for licensed high school/middle school teachers looking to get their master’s in special education and earn the LBS1.

Starting in Fall 2020, students in other UIC teacher prep programs will be able to earn the endorsement by taking the required courses. More details coming soon.

Endorsement Course Requirements

The endorsement consists of four total courses that correspond to the four ISBE requirements for LBS1:

Requirement 1: Survey of Exceptional Children

  • SPED 410 | Exceptional Learners (3 hours); offered Summer, Fall, Spring

Requirement 2: Characteristics (choose one course)

  • SPED 465 | Understanding Students with High Incidence Disabilities (3 hours); offered Summer or Fall
  • SPED 467 | Understanding Students with Low Incidence Disabilities (3 hours); offered Spring

Requirement 3: Assessment

  • SPED 462 | Assessment for Individuals with Disabilities (3 hours); offered Fall or Spring

Requirement 4: Methods (choose one course)

  • SPED 563 | Adolescent Literacy for Diverse Learners (3 hours); offered Spring
  • SPED 471 | Curricular Adaptations for Learners with Significant Disabilities (3 hours) **Needs prerequisite course SPED 467; offered Fall

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